EFMHA News Archives

EFMHA News Archives

EFMHA News is a member benefit, providing articles by members and others on topics that promote professional development for those practicing equine facilitated psychotherapy and equine facilitated learning. Articles cover innovative curricula, program profiles, techniques for lessons, research topics, member educational opportunities, and a wide variety of other topics, as requested by members.

Fall 2010

  • Equine-Facilitated Learning Through Showing? You Bet!
  • The Pony of the Americas Club
  • Memories: EFMHA Evolution 

Spring 2010

  • Mutual Grooming
  • Dressage and Equine-facilitated Learning
  • Comments on the Evolution of EFL/EFP and Professional Roles

Fall 2009

  • Tacking Up for Success – Grooming an Equine Guided Learning and Coaching Program
  • Comments on the PATH Intl./EFMHA Standards and Safety Guidelines
  • What to Look For (in the World of EFL and EFP)
  • Book Review: Made for Each Other, The Biology of the Human/Animal Bond
  • Volunteer Training for EFMH Programs
  • J-Bar Ranch Center for Experiential Learning Named “2009 Most Innovative Program” by Child Abuse Prevention

Summer 2009 - Special Issue on International Programs

  • EASEL (Equine Assisted Social Emotional Learning) at Savikko Farm, Finland
  • FRDI International Congress
  • Report from the British Isles
  • Developing the European Association for Horse Assisted Education
  • Equine Guided Leadership Development – An Overview

Spring 2009

  • Report on Green Chimneys Preconference
  • Overview of Equine-Facilitated/Assisted Mental Health Services
  • EFMHA Memorial Donations
  • Make it a Goat Day!

Fall 2008

  • Starting a Program by Creating a Niche with Your Skills
  • Special Land Use Permits
  • The Ins and Outs of Internships: Setting Up a Win/Win
  • No Internships Available? Follow Sheri Flum’s Lead

Summer 2008

  • Somatics for Horses and Humans
  • Preliminary Practice in Measuring the Impact of Horses on Humans
  • Australia: Riding for the Disabled Association
  • Art of the Horse Program

Spring 2008

  • Horses and Humans Research Foundation
  • Hippotherapy or Therapeutic Riding?
  • The Beat: Opening a New Door of Empowerment

Fall 2007 - Special Issue on Starting a Program

  • The Power of a Dream
  • Considerations When Starting an EFMH Program
  • Key Question to Consider Prior to Start-Up
  • Ideal Horses for EFP or EFL Partnerships

Spring 2007 - Special Issue on Tools and Techniques

  • Energy Work
  • Equine Spirit Masks
  • Song of Your Spirit
  • Toolbox of Activities
  • Update on the Commission

Fall 2006 - Celebrating Tenth Anniversary, Part Two

  • The Pioneers Speak, Part Two
  • Certification Exam
  • Plain Talk about Insurance
  • Green Chimneys: Restoring Possibilities and Creating Futures

Summer 2006 - Celebrating Tenth Anniversary, Part One

  • The Pioneers Speak, Part One
  • Independent Certification Board Formed

Spring 2006

  • Expressive Arts: A Picture is Work a Thousand Words
  • Meet the Programs: Trails to Trust
  • Fire!  Leave Now!
  • Austrian Workshop: And Pegasus Soars
  • Meet the Programs: Dream Power Horsemanship

Fall 2005

  • Curriculum Sample: Working with Adolescents in a School-Based Experiential Therapy Group
  • Shasta, the Miraculous Child Archetype
  • Sharing a Collaborative Vision: Sunstone and TROT
  • Building Trust Takes Time: Lessons from a Wild Horse
  • Hurricane Hay Relief
  • Code of Ethics

Summer 2005

  • Building a Sense of Self
  • Research Abstract: Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy for Adult Female Survivors of Abuse

Spring 2005 - Special Issue on Partnerships

  • The Story of Sandra
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Horse’s Affection
  • Therapeutic Rapport

Fall 2004 - Special Issue on The Healthy Program

  • The Business Plan
  • Insurance
  • Meet the Programs: You Can’t Raise a Horse in a Box
  • Horse Time: An Equine Facilitated Health Center

Summer 2004 - Special Issue on Equine-Assisted Activities

  • Yes, Virginia, There IS an Integrated EAT Program
  • EFP for Pre-Treatment Residential Clients
  • Four Domains of Equine-Facilitated Experiential Learning
  • Finding a Place to Belong

Spring 2004 - Special Issue on Grief and Loss

  • Living in Dialogue with Myth: Dark Journey of the Green Horse
  • Equine Grief and Loss
  • A Tribute to MoonMan
  • Count Regal’s Teaching on Emotional Congruency
  • A Sioux Named Johney
  • Equine Wholeness and Mind-Body Integration
  • Report on The Art of Relationship

Fall 2003

  • New Mission and Vision for EFMHA
  • Does the Horse Have a Buddha Nature?
  • Horse Power Instructor Training School
  • Making the Turn in the Road: Healing Horsemanship program
  • Grounding and Focusing
  • Proposed Field Test Standards for EFP
  • Bull Stories
  • European Network of Psychotherapists

Summer 2003

  • The Black Stallion Literacy Project
  • Role of Horses in Adventure Education at Prescott College
  • Member Survey Results
  • Horses as Healers: Exploring the Psychological Implications of the Horse/Human Relationship
  • The Story of TRAVERSE Trauma Resolution and Victims’ Essential Recovery Service
  • Psychosocial Safety Guidelines

Spring 2003

  • Linda Kohanov will do workshop at the National Conference
  • Doing No Harm
  • Horses vs. Criminal Behavior: Second Chances
  • Great Strides Therapeutic Riding, Inc.
  • Developing Trust with Equines and Others
  • The Realities Found in Fantasy

Fall 2002

  • Green Chimneys: Teaching the Children All Day, Every Day
  • Third Party Reimbursement: State of FL Denies Funding EFP to People with Developmental Disabilities
  • Healing Power of the Horse: HorseMPower Inc
  • Adventure Games

Summer 2002

  • Anthropomorphism, Intuition & Projection
  • A Paradise Not Just for Children
  • On the Hunt: Barn Lesson Activity

Spring 2002

  • Jung’s Understanding of Consciousness
  • Trails, Trials, and Tuffy: Pathways to Success
  • Cross Training in AAT Services for “At-Risk” Children

Fall 2001

  • EFMHA Standards Committee
  • The Importance of Cross Training
  • Three Levels of Instructor Certification
  • The Beginnings of an EFMHA Instructor

Summer 2001

  • Understanding the Psychotherapeutic Implications for Equine Sense, Behavior & Grooming, Pt 1
  • The Need for Research in the EFMH Field
  • Psychosocial Impact of Therapeutic Riding
  • Imagine Vaulting

Spring 2001

  • Curriculum Development
  • Homemade Horse Treats
  • Requirements for the HP/MHP Partnership
  • Carriage Driving for Equine Therapy Programs


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