The award-winning publication of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) is a full-color, quarterly magazine titled PATH Intl. Strides, which features a different theme or topic each issue pertaining to our members and the world of EAAT. The current issue of PATH Intl. Strides is available only to members. Archived issues are linked below. If you do not see an issue or an article that you are looking for, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Archived Issues

Winter 2021

Center Sustainability Issue

2020 PATH Intl. Conference and Awards
Optimal Terminology Strengthens Our Community
Successful Succession Planning and Land Transfer
Surviving the Pandemic
How Much Does a Lesson Cost?
Achieving Center Longevity
The Grateful Dead: Planned Giving Rocks!

 Spring 2021

The Equine Welfare Issue

Understanding Equine Stress Signals
The Back Story
Lower Your Horse's Stress Load
The Challenge to Change
The Body Keeps Score
Starring Role for Rocky and Jake


Winter 2020

The Preparedness Issue

Emergency Planning
Biosecurity Basics
Reducing Your Center's Liability
PATH Intl. Conference
PATH Intl. Award Winners 

Spring 2020

The Veterans Issue

Partnering Mustangs With Veterans
Women-Only Veteran Programing
Serving Those Who Serve
Trail to Zero: Ride to End Veteran Suicide
Research-based Treatment Benefits Veterans With PTSD

Summer 2020

The Neurodiversity Issue

Expand Your Toolbox
Making Sense
Successful Strategies for ASD
Neurodiversity: Making the Invisible, Visible

Fall 2020

Instructor and Mentor Issue

Becoming a PATH Intl. CTRI
Mentoring Mastery
Stepping Up the Fun
Collaborating With Researchers
To Clip or Not to Clip

Winter 2019

The 50th Anniversary Issue

PATH Intl.--The First 50 Years
Following in Their Hoofprints--Five PATH Intl. Pioneers
The First Center
Inspiring Story: Lessons From Octavia
2018 PATH Intl. Conference
PATH Intl. Winners

Special NARHA News Insert


Spring 2019

The Aging Strong Issue 

In the Presence of Horses
Riding in the Moment
Senior Saddles
Therapeutic Driving for Older Adults
Understanding Their World
Inspiring Story: Horses Help People With Dementia and Their Caregivers


Summer 2019

The Participants, Parents and Caregivers Issue

Parelli in the Classroom

Empowering Participants and Enhancing Family Communication

Positioning Participants with Cerebral Palsy

Supporting Self-Esteem Tools for Success



Fall 2019

The Competition Issue

AQHA and NSBA Equestrians With Disabilities Programs

ParaDressage and ParaDriving

Special Olympics Equestrian Events

Interactive Vaulting Competition and Cooperation 

Winter 2018

The Global Involvement Issue

2017 PATH Intl. Conference & Annual Meeting
PATH Intl. Award Winners
Healing With Horses - Zimbabwe
Healing the Scars of War
Equi-Formed Therapy in South Africa
Meet Me Halfway (international instructor candidates)

Spring 2018

The Equine-Assisted Learning Issue

Past, Present and Future of Equine-Assisted Learning
Structuring an EAL Program
Herd Selection
Strengthening Families Program
Certification Criteria and Standards for EAL Programs
Using EAL for Volunteer Trainings
Inspiring Story: From Adversity to Aspiration
An Industry Snapshot

Summer 2018

The Volunteer and Community Issue

Opening the Gate to Collaboration
Raising the Bar (Volunteer Management)
The Right Fit (selecting volunteers to serve with veteran populations)
Empowered Connections
From Paper to Paperless
Improve Your Program With a Volunteer Assessment
Mustang Meghan

Fall 2018

Complementary and Integrative Health Issue
Understanding a Horse's Emotional Health
Mindfulness and Yogic Movement
Giving Back to the Horse
Listening Through Touch
Vision Therapy Impacts Riding

Winter 2017

The Executive Director Issue

2016 PATH Intl. Conference & Annual Meeting
Jeffersonian Dinner
PATH Intl. Award Winners
A Center Walks On
2016 PATH Intl. Strategic Plan
The Power of Collaboration and Connection
Capacity Building--Nurturing Relationships to Grow
Keeping Lesson Horses Fit

 Spring 2017

The Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy Issue

Theoretical Foundations of Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy
EFP Ethics and Skills for Equine Specialists
Embracing the Horse as Co-facilitator
Treating Survivors of Sexual Trauma
Mindful Support for EFP
EFP With Carriage Ponies

Summer 2017

The Lessons Issue

Sensory Strategies
Promoting Independence
Handling Challenging Behavior
Increasing Speech and Communication
Stepping Stones to Lesson Success
Enhancing Lessons Through Interactive Vaulting


Fall 2017

The Equine Wellness Issue

Taking Stress Out of Sessions
Happy Horses and Healthy Herds
Right Relationship
New Horse in the Paddock?
Teaching Soft Hands
Roaming Tracks for Herd Health

Winter 2016

The Certification Issue

2015 PATH Intl. Conference & Annual Meeting
PATH Intl. Award Winners
Rising to the Challenge
Next Generation Training
Certification Demystified

Spring 2016

The Veterans Issue

Service Members, Students and Steeds
Overcoming Military Sexual Trauma
Advanced Workshops for Veterans
Operation Centaur
Inspiring Story: Horses Help Heal the Walking Wounded, reprinted with permission by Tim Hayes

Summer 2016

The Special Programs Issue

Building Community in the ASD Population
Serving Seniors
Steeds and Sobriety
The Dressage Connection
Riding and Rehabilitation
Enrich Your Equines, Enrich Your Program


Fall 2016

The Research Issue

Temple Grandin Equine Center
The Rules of Research
Researching EFP
ASD and Therapeutic Riding Study
Pairing Strengths for Success
Writing a Successful Research Grant

Winter 2015

Table of Contents:
2014 PATH Intl. Conference & Annual Meeting
PATH Intl. Award Winners
Secrets of a Small Shop
Case Study: Focusing on the Ideal Donor
Targeting Fundraising Messages
Increasing Volunteer Satisfaction

Spring 2015

The Equine Welfare Issue
Tables of Contents:
The Bond That Heals
Going Bitless
Equine Yoga
Polo Ponies Partner With Centers

Summer 2015

Table of Contents:
Always By Your Side—How to Be Your Volunteers' Best Resource
Turning Conflicts Into Cooperation
Going Barefoot and Booted
The Mentoring Relationship
Setting Guidelines for Equine Euthanasia
Staff Satisfaction Survey

Fall 2015

The Challenges Issue
Table of Contents:
Special Olympics World Games
Cancer Kickers
Insight Into Vision
Camp Challenges
ADHA Research on Exercise

Winter 2014

Table of Contents:
Destination: Success
PATH Intl. Award Winners
Birth of a New Center
Inclusive Instruction
Culture Competency and Global Outreach

Spring 2014

Table of Contents:
Turning Riders' Life Goals Into Reality
Creating a Unified Trail Team
Horses and Recovery
Behind the Behavior
Awareness, Openness and Action

Summer 2014

Table of Contents:
Playing With Horses
Refined Performance Horsemanship
Thinking Outside the Saddle
Somatic Horsemanship

Fall 2014

Table of Contents:
PATH Intl. Strides
Wins Top Honors
Surviving Hurricane Sandy
Smart Risk Management
Anatomy of an Outbreak
Fire Prevention

Winter 2013

Table of Contents:
The 2012 PATH Intl. Conference & Annual Meeting
The 2012 PATH Intl. Award Winners
Masterful Mentoring
Teaching Techniques for Children With ASD
EFL Improves Children's Social Competence
Teaching Through Tunes

Spring 2013

Table of Contents:
Where Veterans Find Peace of Mind
A Veteran's Viewpoint
Healing Through Horsemanship
Treating Trauma Through an EFP Program
Veterans Helping Veterans
Inspiring Story: Driving Miss Nancy
A Great Idea: NSBA Offers Competition for Veterans

Summer 2013

Table of Contents:
Best Practices
Diversify & Grow
Special Events Success
Surviving the SLOW Recovery
Inspiring Story: Born to Ride
PATHWays: Earning Premier Accreditation
A Great Idea: Turning Manure Into Money

Fall 2013

Table of Contents:
PATH Intl. Wins Equine Industry Vision Award
Riding Into the Wild
4-H Club 4 All
A Whole Family Philosophy
An Unorthodox Approach

Winter 2012

PATH Intl. Conference & Award Winners
Empowering Volunteers
Volunteers Tell Their Stories
Desensitizing Tips for Horses and Students

Spring 2012

PATH Intl. Community Connections
Rehab Hospital Collaborates With Center
Hospice Teams Up With Horses
Therapeutic Driving Bulds Car Driving Skills

Summer 2012

Temperament Testing for Job Success
Horsemanship Teaches Humanship
A Therapeutic Riding Lesson From the Horse's Point of View
The Role of the Horse in EFP

Fall 2012

Experiential Education
Graduate Goes Global
Center Promotes University Research
The Path to a Higher Education Membership

Winter 2011

The 2010 NARHA National Conference And Annual Meeting
Congratulations to the 2010 NARHA National Winners
EAAT Pioneer in Ecuador
Bringing HOPE to Mainland China
Opening a Center in Oman
The Assessment Process (Part 1)
Europe’s First NARHA Center

Spring 2011

Autism and Therapeutic Riding: A Pilot Study
Hands-on Horses
Is Research Right for Your Center?
Measuring Outcomes
The Assessment Process (Part 2)
EAAT Training For Injured Brains

Summer 2011

A New Name for Our Association
Creating an All Abilities Camp
Confidence Coaching
Researching the EFP Process
Memory Centers
Riding Outside the Box

Fall 2011

Center Fundraising
Healing With Horses
Creating an Effective Board
Enduring Center Survival
Brain/Body Training for Riding

Winter 2010

The 2009 NARHA National Conference And Annual Meeting
Congratulations to the 2009 NARHA National Winners
Creating an Effective Risk Management Plan
Set-Up for Safety
2009 FRDI Congress

 Spring 2010

A Good match-Finding The Right Grant Master
Marketing Solutions-Staying Up When the Economy is Down
The Horse-Human Heart Connection
Special Events-Fundraising in Very Challenging Times
Maximizing Your Center’s Online Presence

Summer 2010

Our Equine Partners: Facilitators, Assistants or Both?
Equine 401K Plan
Equine Stress Management
When In Doubt, Stop
Training Your Interactive Vaulting Partner

Fall 2010

Dances With Horses
Silver Saddles
Working With non-verbal Learners
Showmanship at Halter
Healing Feelings

Winter 2009

The 2008 NARHA National Conference
NARHA Congratulates Award Winners
NARHA Mentor Training Workshops
Three Keys to Creating a Successful Volunteer Program

Spring 2009

World  Class Competitors
Riding Rehab-Veterans with Limb Loss
Stable Safety: Risk Management for Equine Interactions in the 21st Century
Helping Hands
Taming the Wild Horse Within

Summer 2009

Taking the Next Step
The Value of Interactive Vaulting
Treating Trauma-EFP Aids Recovery
Arena Set-Up for Success

Fall 2009

United We Lead
Merging Missions
Relationships with Rehab Centers
Heroes On Horses
Joining United Way

Winter 2007/2008

The 2007 NARHA National Conference
Congratulating NARHA Award Winners
The Language of Liability
Great Games
Unmounted Programs Meet Many Needs
New NARHA Vaulting Certification
Creating a Safety Net

Spring 2008

Driving Safety Steps
The Bridge Between Trauma and Trust
Serving the Older Veteran
Riding Motivates Reading

Summer 2008

South Korea-NARHA’s First International Workshop and Certification
Equine Welfare-Finding the Right Balance
Safe Mount and Dismounts
Understanding Equine Language
Tack Matching Myths

Fall 2008

EAAT Centers Go Green
Better Budgeting Breeds Success
Guidelines for Growth
Cultivating Donors





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