Equine Services for Heroes

The James Brady Professional Achievement Award recognizes the contributions made to the field of equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT). The award is presented in the name of James Brady to recognize a professional who has made contributions in the creation or development of industry-advancing ideas, initiatives, programs or events, and the winner will demonstrate a sustained and lasting contribution to the EAAT industry, both within and outside of PATH Intl.

1988 Dr. Gordon Brown
1989 Jean Tebay, MS
1990 Barbara Glasow, PT
1991 Claudia Morin, ORT/L,HPCS
1992 Virginia H. Martin
1993 Jan Spink, MA
1994 Lida McCowan
1995 Judith F. Lightfoot
1996 Marjorie Kittredge
1997 Lorrie Renker
1998 Octavia Brown
1999 Barbara Engel, MEd, OTR
2000 Elizabeth Baker, PT
2001 Sandy Rafferty, MA,ORT/L
2002 Lili Kellogg
2003 Chris McParland
2004 Kitty Stalsburg
2005 Barbara Ford
2006 KC Henry
2007 Nancy McGibbon, PT
2008 Pat Mullins
2009 Boo Martin
2010 Molly Sweeney
2011 Mary Jo Beckman
2012 Sandy Webster
2013 Gail Pace
2014 Ainslie Kraeck
2015 Meggan Hill-McQueeney
2016 Michael Kaufmann
2018 Barbara Rector



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