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How to Unsubscribe

From an email notification:

  • Click on the “To unsubscribe or change your notification options, sign in to your account” at the bottom of your email
  • Enter your primary email address (the one you use to log in to PATH Intl.) and your PATH Intl. password.
  • Hit “Go.”

From the PATH Intl. webpage:

Once on the Site…

  • Click on Edit my settings (on the left menu next to your profile picture)
  • Click on the Notifications tab under Account Settings
    • To receive notification emails, click On.
    • To deactivate notification emails, click Off.
    • To set when digest emails are received, “Daily” indicates once a day, “Weekly” indicates once a week and “Never” deactivates digest emails.
  • Set your email notifications. These notifications are messages or requests that you will receive personally.
  • Set your email digests. The email digests will give you a summary of your activities, your group updates and your content alerts in one email.
  • You may update your notification or digest settings at any time.

If you have any trouble after reading the instructions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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