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Celebrate your membership! We asked members at region conferences and elsewhere to share why they belong to PATH Intl. 
"I belong to PATH Intl. because of the folks we help and empower in an area where they never knew they could. Also watching them grow in their horsemanship skills."
Louise Ballanger
Thank you, Louise! 


If you were not able to attend the 2020 PATH Intl. Virtual Conference, no problem! You can purchase the session recordings in the PATH Intl. online store at the following links!
DAY 1: With presenters Tamara Merritt; Karyn Searcy and Kaitlyn Siewert; Jeff Arnold
DAY 2: With presenters Chrissy Rudd and Emily Kieson; Lori Cohen; Trish Broersma; Rhonda Martin; Michele McColm, Vallerie Sweeton, Jessica Mullin


Session recordings are available from seven different tracks including: administrative, equine, instructor, mental health, program, veterans and research. Earn your continuing education units while benefiting from the knowledge gleaned from sessions such as: Body, Mind, Spirit and Four Hooves: How to Build a Holistic Wellness Program to Support Our Horses and Lesson Plans That Sparkle: Inspiring Instructors with Creative and Interactive Lesson Plans. Click here to browse sessions available and to purchase.

Recordings are available free of charge to Professional and Professional Plus members!!
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Region Conferences

Questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., PATH Intl. region conference coordinator. Watch the eNews and region conference page for registration information as it becomes available.

Region 1 April 24-25, 2021, Newport, NH
Region 2 March 26-28, 2021, North East, MD
Region 3 State meetings in 2021. Next region conference is March 18-20, 2022, South Carolina
Region 4 June 4-6, 2021, Michigan City, IN
Region 5 July 23-25, 2021, Lenoir City, TN
Region 6 March 12-14, 2021, Madison, WI
Region 7 State Meetings in 2021
Region 8 July 30-August 1, 2021, Texarkana, TX
Region 9 May 21-23, 2021, Bellevue, ID
Region 10 February 12-14, 2021, Cave Creek, AZ
Region 11 April 9-11, 2021, Fallbrook, CA


Unless otherwise noted, contact Bret Maceyak at (800) 369-7433, ext. 114, with questions. All dates are subject to change. To register for an event, please contact the host site directly. You can locate contact information under Find a Center on the PATH Intl. homepage or on the PATH Intl. events calendar. For a full list of events, including host site details, visit the PATH Intl. events calendar. 


August 24-27, 2020, High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc., Old Lyme, CT

September 1-4, 2020, Hands & Hearts for Horses, Thomasville, GA

September 10-14, 2020, Ride for Joy Therapeutic Riding Program, Caldwell, ID

September 23-26, 2020, New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding, Bowling Green, KY

September 24-27, 2020, NC Therapeutic Riding Center, Mebane, NC

September 24-27, 2020, Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy, Inc., Philadelphia, PA

October 7-10, 2020, Born 2 Be Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Valley View, TX

October 14-17, 2020, Ivey Ranch Park, Oceanside, CA

October 14-17, 2020, Heart of Texas Therapeutic Riding Center, West, TX

October 22-25, 2020, Shangri La Therapeutic Academy of Riding, Lenoir City, TN

October 29-November 1, 2020, Good Hope Equestrian Training Center, Inc., Miami, FL

November 4-7, 2020, Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center, Augusta, MI

November 4-7, 2020, Loudoun Therapeutic Riding, Inc., Leesburg, VA

November 16-19, 2020, High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc., Old Lyme, CT

December 2-5, 2020, Reining Strength Therapeutic Horsemanship, Richmond, TX

December 4-5, 2020, Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center *Certification Only*, Augusta, MI

March 10-13, 2021, ManeGait Therapeutic Horsemanship, McKinney, TX


January 4-6, 2021, Naples Therapeutic Riding Center *Advanced Prep Workshop Only* , Naples, FL


September 11-14, 2020, Wings of Hope Equitherapy, Cleburne, TX

October 1-4, 2020, GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center, Milford, PA

October 14-17, 2020, Hearts & Horses, Inc., Loveland, CO

October 15-18, 2020, On Eagles' Wings Therapeutic Horsemanship, Fairmont, WV

November 16-19, 2020, Horses with HEART, Inc., Chino Valley, AZ

November 20-23, 2020, High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc. , Old Lyme, CT


March 8-9, 2021, ManeGait Therapeutic Horsemanship *Driving Demo Workshop Only *, McKinney, TX

June 28-30, 2021, ManeGait Therapeutic Horsemanship *Certification Only *, McKinney, TX


February 11-14, 2021, Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding, Johns Island, SC


August 14-October 9, 2020, Equest, Dallas, TX

September 15-November 30, 2020, High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc., Old Lyme, CT

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Program Management/Instructor Resources
Veteran Programs


Online Courses

Have you heard of the new PATH Intl. Autism Spectrum Disorder & EAAT Online Course yet?  We are thrilled with the development of this three-week course because of focused learning objectives to inform professionals how to create effective and enjoyable lessons for all ages and levels in equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT). The course includes a feature presentation by a physician with the University of Colorado School of Medicine Children’s Hospital Colorado and offers many other resources to advance your instructor ‘tool box.’  PATH Intl. Member Center’s report that ASD participants are the most prevalent individuals receiving services at programs. You can expect this course to deliver on key characteristics of the disorder, appropriate communication techniques and behavior management strategies. We hope you join us in a session very soon.

Over 450 PATH Intl. Member Centers are currently serving youth-at-risk. For instructors serving youth that have experienced trauma, abuse and neglect, this course aims to describe how trauma may affect EAAT participants and guide instructors on how to develop a trauma-informed approach to EAAT.
Instructor Training for PATH International Equine Services for Heroes®
This course offers instructors an understanding of basic military culture, terminology and common reasons that veterans and service members seek out EAAT. Learners will develop mindful communication skills, center policies and processes for participant assessment, planning and identifying precautions and contraindications.
This four-week mentor training course meets the requirements to become an official PATH Intl. Mentor. Quality mentorship is a key component to achieving any level or discipline of certification. This skill development program has been created in response to the need for a formalized education process to enhance the skills of those who mentor. The objective is to increase the number of qualified mentors available to instructors-in-training and to provide current PATH Intl. Certified Professionals with a continuing education opportunity while enhancing personal observation, evaluation and feedback skills.
PATH Intl. Spinal Cord Injury, Paralysis & EAAT
This course offers instructors an understanding of SCI conditions and how to apply this knowledge to the development of safe and effective EAAT lesson plans. Course curriculum will focus on integrating new ideas for offering a participant-centered approach to planning and facilitating EAAT.
PATH Intl. Standards Course
The PATH Intl. Standards Course provides guidance to certified professionals and centers to strive toward best practices and is currently a required course(either in person or online-formerly the CAT Course) for center accreditation and PATH Intl. certifications. This interactive, multi-module course is designed to help the learner gain a thorough understanding of the importance and application of the PATH Intl. Standards.
Conference Recordings 
Addressing PTSD in Military Veterans Using Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy 
Advanced Veteran Lesson Plans for Extreme Trail Obstacles 
Effects of Therapeutic Riding on Functioning and Quality of Life in Veterans 
From Statistics to Stability: Changing the Trajectory for Youth in Foster Care 
Immersion Summer Program 
Lungeing: Unmounted Activity Curriculum 
Promoting Independence at All Riding Levels 
Speech: It Starts at the Hips and Ends at the Lips 
The Right Fit: Volunteer Considerations for Veterans Programs 
Understanding the Mental Health of Horses
Adaptive Tack 
Cerebral Palsy: The Basics 
Cultural Considerations of Using Signs In EAAT 
Equine-Assisted Learning Webinar Series 
Mounted Games 
PATH Intl. Business Planning for EAAT 
PATH Intl. Strategic Planning for EAAT
Take the Reins -- Volunteer Screening, a free guest webinar by PATH Intl. Sponsor CastleBranch

Free Webinars Through Carlisle Academy

Click here for three webinars intended for coaches and athletes as a basis of Para-Equestrian Sport education, provided on behalf of the USEF/USPEA International Para-Equestrian Dressage Centers of Excellence.

PATH Intl. Standards Course

Learning PATH Intl. Standards is vital for PATH Intl. Certified Professionals, instructors-in-training, center representatives, site visitors, program administrators and anyone interested in learning the highest safety standards and industry best practices for equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT). This course will provide you with an overview of how the standards are organized and how they come together to holistically support EAAT programing. You can expect to dedicate approximately 6 hours of coursework.

Click here to purchase the online standards course and exam. 

PATH Intl. Mentor Training Online Course

Welcome to the PATH Intl. Mentor Training Online Course! We are glad you are joining us. During this Mentor Training Course, you will explore and apply principles and practices for effective mentoring.

Click here to purchase.

Course Description

This four-week Mentor Training Course meets the requirements to become an official PATH Intl. Mentor. Quality mentorship is a key component to achieving any level or discipline of certification. This skill development program has been created in response to the need for a formalized education process to enhance the skills of those who mentor. The objective is to increase the number of qualified mentors available to instructors in training and to provide current PATH Intl. Certified Professionals with a continuing education opportunity while enhancing personal observation, evaluation and feedback skills.
This course will be taught online through CourseWebs, our Learning Management System. Learners should expect to spend 3-5 hours per week for this course, some weeks may require more time than others. There is one module of coursework for each week of the course. Each module contains instruction, activities and discussion questions.
This course will meet 12 hours of continuing education requirements for PATH Intl. Certified Instructors. Successful completion of all course activities and exams is required to receive the CEU’s for the course and receive the PATH Intl. Mentor designation.

Learning Objectives

After the completion of this course, PATH Intl. Certified Professionals will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the certification process and PATH Intl. Standards
  • Display diplomacy with mentee, volunteers and participants
  • Formulate effective communication methods with mentee
  • Demonstrate conflict resolution strategies
  • Employ realistic expectations for mentee
  • Provide appropriate feedback to mentee


Current PATH Intl. Certified Professional
Required Materials: PATH Intl. Standards for Certification and Accreditation manual

Technical Requirements

Our learning management system is CourseWebs. To access the LMS, learners will need an internet connection and an internet browser with Java enabled (Mac users must use Firefox, or other Mac-compatible browser as Safari is not compatible with CourseWebs).

In addition, learners should be able to:

  • Create and save MS Word documents
  • Find basic resources on the internet
  • Create and organize files & folders on your computer
  • Send, receive and manage email

Accessibility Statement

PATH Intl. is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for all course participants in accordance with federal guidelines. If you have a disability, use assistive technology, or need accommodations to fully access a course, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Someone from our PATH Intl. staff will contact you to discuss your needs.


Plagiarism, the passing off of others’ words or ideas as your own, is unacceptable in this course. Learners are expected to formulate your own ideas in the discussion posts and not simply repeat what another student has already said.


All coursework should be completed and submitted successfully by the posted deadlines to receive credit for this course. Acceptance of late coursework is at the discretion of your course instructor and will only be allowed under extenuating circumstances. All coursework will be scored as Complete (C) or Incomplete (I).

Learners will need to access the course three to four times per week to complete online reading, exams, discussion board posts, activities and submit assignments.

A one-time request for a transfer to a later section of the course may be allowed. Note that completed coursework will not transfer and the transfer is subject to an administrative fee of $50.

Last year in November BraveHearts Therapeutic Riding and Educational Center, a PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center in Harvard, IL, began mentoring veterans to become PATH Intl. Certified Registered Instructors so veterans can teach other veterans riding while providing much needed peer to peer support. The mentorship program was led by PATH Intl. Certified Master Instructor Meggan Hill-McQueeney and assisted by PATH Intl. Certified Registered Instructor Paddy McKevitt and PATH Intl. Certified Registered Instructor and USMC veteran Nick Montijo. The process began with three all-intensive days that focused on the PATH Intl. instructor certification process, enhancing riding and horsemanship skills and overall knowledge of working with people with diagnoses. Following the three-day all-intensive course, the veterans were given instructions to complete their Phase 1 requirements of the certification along with gaining as much exposure as possible to riding lessons and teaching opportunities at BraveHearts.

The veterans independently held group meetings to work with one another taking practice tests and reviewing course preparations. Once Phase 1 was completed, the group quickly moved to Phase 2 and began obtaining their teaching hours.  In January, the group met again for their second in house training consisting of an all day training creating lesson plans, riding and teaching one another. This gave the group time to reflect on possible lesson plans for the certification, strengthen their teaching and evaluate what they needed to work on with their riding. The group met with Meggan in March again to review progress, questions and more critiquing.  Meggan also used a lot of the teachings of Barb Schulte to help mentally prepare the veterans for the riding and teaching components and the specific skill sets Meggan teaches for performance enhancement strategies.    

In March, Mary Apper (Navy), Fred Busby (USMC) and Ron Hathaway(Air Force) along with Trecia Rodgers (Army) from ROCK in TX, participated in a week-long preparation, workshop and certification  course. Arriving to the farm the four veterans moved in and spent long hours each day to perfect lesson plans and their riding pattern prior to the OSWC. The OSWC was led by faculty  Marny Mansfield and Kathy Glew. The two and a half day workshop was also attended by 4 additional veterans (Ernest Coleman, Mitchell Hedlund, Greg Machalinski and Jeff Murphy) whom are currently preparing for Phase 1 and hope to certify later this year.  After the two and a half days of the workshop concluded, Mary, Fred, Ron and Trecia rode their pattern and each taught two veteran participants for their testing. We are proud to announced that all four veterans passed both components for their certification and are now PATH Intl. Registered Level Instructors.

The entire training and workshop was at no cost to the veterans due to funding received by the Milne Family Foundation, which consisted of funding for 15 veterans to receive their PATH Intl. Registered Level Instructor Certification within three years (2015-2017). The planning, preparation and training for the OSWC took much time and effort on BraveHearts, PATH as well as the two facilitators who helped to structure the course to be the best schedule for the veterans. A lot was taken into consideration of the process. The preparation was well worth it to watch all four veterans pass their certification and continue to move forward with their horsemanship. The veterans all came from different horsemanship backgrounds--two having been riding throughout their life and two veterans who have only been riding within the last year.

One veteran shared this quote with us to wrap up his experience, “With BraveHearts help, I am now a PATH Therapeutic Riding Instructor. BraveHearts has had the courage to see potential in me when I felt I had nothing to give. They have taught me to live in the moment and not dwell on my mistakes and shortcomings…I am proud I can now give back to others in need and I hope I can help others recognize their endless potential...I have gone from wishing I had died to a person that is looking for the next challenge no matter what it is. More than that, I want to help others face their fears and defeat those fears. For the first time in my life I BELIEVE I can do anything. BraveHearts has saved my life and I will be forever grateful.”

In April 2016, BraveHearts held the first training course for the next round of veterans who will be certifying later this year. These veterans consist of BraveHearts’s veterans Ernest Coleman, Mitchell Hedlund, Greg Machalinski and Jeff Murphy as well as Brenda-Lee Anderson from Rainier in WA and Brandon Horning from Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center in CO. These veterans are in the early stages of Phase 1 and will continue to develop with the guidance of Meggan and Paddy along with fellow veterans Mary, Fred, Ron and Nick.  BraveHearts is excited to watch these instructors to continue to develop and pursue their passion of helping fellow veterans and people with disabilities and reach their unlimited potential.  



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