Quality Assurance

The PATH Intl. Quality Assurance Task Force, assembled to address professional ethics, professional discipline, conflicts of interest, grievances, and appeals to determine and implement best practices in testing and training, in association governance and in the stewardship of our members, announces a new grievance filing process.

The policy states PATH Intl. Members will be subject to a fair and reasonable disciplinary and expulsion procedure to be carried out in good faith, effective January 1, 2015.

Questions should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., PATH Intl. Membership Manager.

PATH Intl. Review Panel

The PATH Intl. Grievance Review Panel is being established. Questions should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., PATH Intl. Membership Manager.

PATH Intl Grievance Review Panel Purpose

The review panel will implement policies and procedures with respect to grievances against PATH Intl. members, certificants, evaluators, site visitors, faculty, instructors, mentors and member centers. The panel will be responsible for the review and resolution of grievances. Resolution may include disciplinary action including termination of membership, removal of certification and removal of accreditation or removal of accreditation subject to the right to appeal the panel’s decision.

PATH Intl. Grievance Review Panel Composition

The panel will be made up of three to five members: a Chair appointed by the President of the PATH Intl. Board of Trustees, at least one individual member who holds certification from PATH Intl., and at least one representative of a PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center. A PATH Intl. staff member will be a non-voting member of the committee. PATH Intl. legal counsel will be consulted as necessary.

Process for Filing Grievances

Who may file a grievance?

Grievances may be filed by a member of the public, a member center member, a site visitor, faculty, evaluator, certificants, mentors or an individual PATH Intl. member. Complainants must have firsthand knowledge of the grievance issue. In situations where there is a legal or licensing agency action that could be considered a violation of the Code of Ethics, the Chair of the Grievance Review Panel may file a grievance on behalf of PATH Intl.

Against whom may grievances be filed?

PATH Intl. members, member centers, instructors, certificants, site visitors, evaluators, mentors and faculty.

What is a grievance?

Grievances are violations of the PATH Intl. Code of Ethics or a PATH Intl. Standard as adopted by the PATH Intl. Board of Trustees from time to time.  

What is not a grievance?

Hearsay, employer/employee disputes, and grievances against nonmembers or nonmember centers.

How to file a grievance

Grievances must be submitted in writing, signed by the complainant and must use the official grievance form found here. A form may also be requested by writing, emailing, or calling the PATH Intl. office. Grievance forms may be sent to the office by email or by mail. Additional information may be requested by the Grievance Review Panel in order to investigate the grievance. The email or outer envelope shall be marked “Confidential – Grievance.” The address and email for submitting a grievance is located on the grievance form. Supplemental information may also be sent in addition to the official grievance form.  

Who will process a grievance?

Grievances will be received by PATH Intl. staff, logged and reviewed for completeness. Once this process is completed, the grievance will be forwarded to the Grievance Review Panel assigned by the President of the PATH Intl. Board of Trustees.


The PATH Intl. office will send a written acknowledgement of receipt of the grievance form within 10 business days. Additional acknowledgement will be sent from the Grievance Review Panel upon resolution of the matter.



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