Region 9

States and Provinces: Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington

Region 9 Representative

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Clinics and Certifications

Interested in certifying under PATH International? Already certified and ready to attempt for your Advanced Certification? Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center in Redmond, Washington will be hosting the following clinics this year. Please see Little Bit’s website for sign up and scheduling information. To register, submit the Registration Form and associated fees by July 27, 2018.

PATH Intl. Registered Instructor Workshop and Certification – August 29th – September 1st 2018
• Workshop Only:
You may attend the ‘workshop only’ if you are interested in learning a bit more about Therapeutic Riding and PATH Intl. It gives an overview on how to be a good therapeutic riding instructor, how to develop lesson plans, tack and equipment use, information on disabilities and therapeutic approaches, volunteer management, teaching techniques and hands-on demo lessons. Attendance is also a prerequisite to becoming a PATH Intl. Certified Instructor.

• Workshop and/or Certification:
For those who are already familiar with PATH Intl. and Therapeutic Riding, you may want to participate in both the Workshop as well as attempt the Certification.

If you have already completed the Workshop, participants may also sign up for only the Certification portion.

PATH Intl. Advanced Instructor Certification – August 1st – 3rd 2018
A PATH Intl. Advanced Level Certified Instructor is knowledgeable in horsemanship and understands disabilities and their relationship to therapeutic riding. This Instructor can conduct safe, challenging and therapeutically effective lessons to individuals with disabilities.
PATH Intl. offers three levels of Instructor Certification for therapeutic riding: Registered, Advanced, & Master. Each level has specific criteria included with the application materials. This certification is for the Advanced Level only.

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Handouts from the 2016 Region 9 Conference

A2, Incorporating Life Skills - Jené Pleger
Criteria for participants for skills test

Practical Test Set up and course
Riding Beyond: Opening Doors to the Future for Breast Cancer Survivors
B2: Inclusive Summer Camp Outline - Kimberly Mitchell
Trek to Accreditation
Strategic Planning

Unique Facets of Veterans Programs

Pre-Lesson Comment Sheet
Post-Lesson Comment Sheet
Unique Facets of Veterans Programs

Integrating Art, History, and Sensory Experience into Horsemanship Basics - Blue Horses

Blue Horses - Materials List
Blue Horses Description of Presentation
Franz Marc mini bio
German Expressionism
Template for simple horse
The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse

Handouts from the 2015 Region 9 Conference

Arena Activities Presentation
A2, Incorporating Life Skills - Jené Pleger
B1 - Thinking Outside the Box How to Get Creative With Arena Activities
B2, Creating an Inclusive Summer Horseback Riding Camp - Copy of Summer Camp Sample Schedule - Kimberly Mitchell
B2, Creating an Inclusive Summer Horseback Riding Camp - Summer Camp Outline - Kimberly Mitchell
C1 - Writing Lesson Plans - Lesson Plan Examples
C1 - Writing Lesson Plans
C2 - Equine-Enhanced Trauma Focused
E1 - The Importance of Developing Individual Conditioning Programs for EAAT Horses
H2 - TR, EAL and EFL Definitions, Determinations and Who Gets What - EAL Update from Debbie Anderson
H2 - TR, EAL and EFL Definitions, Determinations and Who Gets What - EFL Training Outline
H2 - TR, EAL and EFL Definitions, Determinations and Who Gets What - References from Changing Rein EAATs Education Specialist

Realms of Fantasy
Realms of Fantasy Handout

2018 PATH Intl. Region 9 Award Winners (Premier Accredited Centers are shown in red)

Region 9 Volunteer of the Year
Mike Bozzo
NorthWest Therapeutic Center
Bellingham, WA


Region 9 Equine of the Year
Forward Stride
Beaverton, OR

Region 9 Credentialed Professional of the Year
Dana Eklund
Eagle Mount - Bozeman
Bozeman, MT

Region 9 Veterinarian of the Year
Dr. Gary Cook
Eagle Mount - Bozeman
Bozeman, MT



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