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2013 South Carolina Education Day and State Meeting

Please join us for a day of innovative treatment ideas and networking! Click the links below for information.

Bearcat Therapeutic Riding
2013 PATH Intl. South Carolina Education Day and
State Meeting at Lander University Equestrian Center
Greenwood, SC
Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Thinking Outside the Saddle"

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Highlighted Center -

Dream Riders

Location: Lexington, SC
Mailing address: 156 Sandy Hill Rd., Lexington, SC 29072
Premier Accredited Center                   Established: 1998
Executive Director: Jennifer Stoudemire
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# of PATH Intl. instructors: 2        
# of equines: 5
# of clients: 35
# of volunteers: 45-50

Mission Statement

To provide an opportunity for people with special needs to benefit from equine-assisted activities in a safe environment.

Describe Facilities

10 acres of pasture; founder lives on the grounds; 2 barns with 7 stalls total; outdoor lighted arena 2/3 dressage ring in size; mounting block and ramp

Special Events held annually

SC State Special Olympics and Therapeutic invitational competition; rider recital; summer day camps and one day rides for local children's homes

Parents’ comments

"Myself and my whole family feel very strongly about Dream Riders. Our daughter, Jameson, is a survivor of infant stroke. She has cerebral palsy and has been in therapy since she was three months old. Dream Riders offers Jameson an alternative to traditional therapy as well as the opportunity to truly succeed in an individual sport. We were excited about therapeutic riding ever since we learned of it and we feel so grateful that Jameson was accepted into the program at Dream Riders. We have watched our daughter grow in many ways since beginning the program over one year ago. Jameson talks with pride about "her" horse, she is excited on her day to ride, she loves the people who encompass Dream Riders and she feels comfortable and ease at the farm, so much so that she lets her silly side show. Dream Riders has worked diligently with Jameson to strengthen her right side and to elicit more flexibility in her range. Jameson's core was weakened by her stroke and therapeutic riding is an excellent way to rebuild core strength which in turn enables her to overcome even more physical challenges. I can envision that Jameson may one day pursue horse riding on her own accord, and not just for therapeutic reasons, because Dream Riders has provided such a safe and caring environment for which she can truly succeed. We love the people and the horses of Dream Riders and we look forward to many more successful years for Jameson and her therapeutic riding."

Client Comments

"Dream Riders has given me so much. Having MS not only gives you a physical hurdle it presents a self esteem challenge. Thanks to the wonderful staff and giving volunteers I have received valuable physical therapy increasing my core body strength and a huge emotional lift. Having the feeling of bonding with a horse and the increase in self belief from being able to guide this incredible animal always leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment. Even more uplifting is the encouragement from the caring staff and volunteers. They see and believe that I am an able person and not someone with a physical disability. These sessions are always the highlight of my week and I am so thankful for the opportunity that Dream Riders affords me. Thank you Jennifer, Corky, and all the volunteers!"

Volunteer Comments

"Dream Riders accommodates two passions that I have in life, the love of horses and the love for helping people. I have been involved in this program since 1998 and every experience is challenging in many different ways. I have met many new friends and hope to make more. This program has helped many people in their lives including myself. It is as much therapeutic for the volunteers as it is for the riders. I had to stop this program for a couple of years due to life’s little hurdles. I felt something was missing in my life at the time. Being back at Dream Riders, I now know what was missing. Thanks to the Dyers for this wonderful program and making dreams come true."

What makes your center/program special?

The family atmosphere and care of all involved. We try to make the riders feel welcome and at home at the facility which is located at the Dyer's home. We are sympathetic to the parents being as we have a 32 year old special needs son that lives at home . We take good care of our horses to make sure they are happy and comfortable. We befriend and empower our volunteers, letting be a part of the teaching the lessons and the basic decisions that have to be made during lessons.


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