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CEU list for 2019 Conference CE and DE

Preconference - Friday, November 8

Executive Director Workshop: Exploring Center Sustainability for Your Center

Organizational Assessment and Decision Making

Effective Group Problem Solving
Assessment Tool: Principles, Practices, Final-Assessment

Pillars of Efficient and Effective Volunteer Management: How to Care for Yourself and Your Volunteers

Activities packet
Leveraging Technology Poster
Participant Packet

Saturday - November 9

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Human-Nonhuman Animals Bonds & Bondage

Intro Letter
Anna Blake on Training
Taking Nonhuman Perspectives Seriously

Eyesight vs. Insight


Riding in the Moment

The Grateful Dead: Planned Giving Rocks!

Charitable Giving - Edward Jones
Legacy Giving Information
IRA Solicitation Letter
Sample Codicil

From the Saddle to the Ground: The Benefits of a Ground School Curriculum in EAAT Programs

Sunday - November 10

Poster: So Many Volunteers, So Little Time - Emmy Soyka

Is Your Center Research Ready


Speed Dating With the Driving Subcommittee

Anita Sepko

Finding the Money to Fuel Your Mission

Driving Workshop and Certification: What to Expect

Rein Board Article

Managing Riders With Seizures

Improvements in Children With Movement Dysfunction Following Six Months of PT Using Hippotherapy

Young Leaders: Teaching Youth at Risk to Lead Themselves to a New Future

Interactive Vaulting: The Benefits to Your Center and Participants and How to Get Started

From the Ground Up: How the ATHENA Horsemanship Program Supports Veterans and Strengthens Equine Partners

Creating the Safe Environment for Transformation

Full Value Contract or Team Contract
ANT Culture
Basic Needs Scenarios

 Working With Veterans, Maj. George Paffendorf





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Therapeutic RidingTherapeutic DrivingInteractive VaultingEquine Services for Heroes

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