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1Interactive vaulting is a therapeutic activity that provides participants with the benefits of working on and around the horse at all three gaits, in different – and somtimes greater – physical capacities than normal horseback riding. Adding interactive vaulting to your therapeutic riding program will provide participants at your center with the valuable benefits of most EAAT programs, like building confidence, encouraging social interaction and fostering independence, and some benefits unique to vaulting, like different gains in balance, strength and flexibility. In just a few steps your center will be ready to offer Interactive Vaulting to your special needs community.

  1. 2Start by becoming familiar with the PATH Intl. Interactive Vaulting Specialty Standards for instructor and center requirements.
  2. Register for a PATH Intl. Interactive Vaulting Workshop. You will find information on when and where these workshops are held by visiting the PATH Intl. Events Calendar.
  3. Create and evaluate a financial plan for your vaulting program. This includes factors such as new horses, instructor training, special equipment and possibly new clients. Identify people or populations in your community who would use and benefit from interactive vaulting.
  4. Choose your equine vaulting partner according to the population you will serve. Make sure your vaulting horse has the right temperament, smooth gaits and a sturdy build.
  5. 3Make sure you own or have access to all equipment necessary for a safe vaulting program, such as a surcingle and pad, lunging equipment, a vaulting barrel and appropriate footwear for clients.
  6. Now put your skills to the test and become a PATH Intl. Interactive Vaulting Instructor. Download the vaulting certification booklet to find out how this is done and what requisite skills you must have.
  7. Finally, as you meet every Interactive Vaulting Standard, you may contact PATH Intl. to become an approved Interactive Vaulting Center and confidently offer this unique and therapeutic activity to people in your area.





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