PATH Intl. Centers

Center Renewal Online

As the center’s primary contact, please log in to the PATH Intl. website using your personal email address and password.

Updating Your Information

Once you are logged in as the primary contact, click “My Account.” From your account homepage, you will see your individual profile and below that you will see your organization’s information. Your center's name is a hyperlink; click on it to get to your center’s profile information. Click “Edit Information” and a new screen will open, allowing you access to update all information. At the top is all of your center’s contact information, address, phone, etc.  Scroll down a little further, and the renewal data begins at the field called “Year of Renewal.” Be sure to change the date to 01/01/2017 – that is how we know that you did go in and update the information for your 2017 renewal. Then fill in all the data as it is currently applicable. The data you see already there is what we collected on your center during your 2014 renewal. If the information is correct, you don’t need to change it. Please update every field as necessary, and make sure to enter your updated insurance policy information and expiration date, and also fill in the dates of your compliance signature and insurance compliance (just like signing and dating a paper document). Then be sure to hit save at the bottom.

Paying With a Credit Card

To pay the invoice with a credit card online, from your account homepage select "My Transactions" on the left side of the page. The “My Transactions” page will show closed and open orders. Select "Pay Open Orders" to select the invoice to pay.  Follow the prompts to get to the payment page to enter your credit card. You will receive an email confirmation receipt of payment.

Completing this process and sending in your instructor report (also known as the Credentialed Professional Report) will complete all of your renewal requirements.


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