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Region 10 Quarterly Newsletter Winter 2019

Changing Reins

By Ronda Ward
RondaIt has been a privilege to serve as your Region 10 Rep for the last 2 years. As we transition into a New Year, I want to "applaud" the "Outstanding work and professionalism reflected in your programs, and leadership in the field of EAAT witnessed by me during visits with centers and members throughout the Region. As instructors and volunteers, you give selflessly of your time, skill and talent to truly make a difference in the lives of the Special needs and Veterans community!“To the world you might be one person, but to one person you are the world!” To your riders and families you are the “world,” empowering them to let their light shine making the world a brighter place! Our Region Leadership Team (RLT) has volunteered over 1018 hours promoting PATH Intl. through booths, education days, conferences, and Outreach to the community. Within the last 2 years, the RLT team is also responsible for giving guidance and support to 4 member centers in their quest to acquire their PATH Intl. Premier Status. Congratulations to those centers for achieving this goal of excellence, while also acknowledging the amazing work accomplished daily by all the programs within Region 10. I want to personally thank the outgoing RLT team for all their time and dedication to the membership and welcome the new RLT team serving in 2019! You all have my boundless respect and admiration for the skills, talents and gifts you bring to the EAAT industry. PATH Intl. is blessed to have such talented and skilled professionals working within the field of EAAT, ensuring that our organization excels into the future. It is with great excitement that I pass the reins to Saebra Pipoly (our new incoming Region 10 rep) with the confidence that I am leaving you in exceptional and capable hands! Saebra will be a strong voice and advocate representing Region10 and the EAAT community. Best Wishes for a Prosperous and Blessed New Year! Ronda Ward (outgoing Reg 10 Rep)

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Save the date for 2019 Region 10 conference hosted by Stable Strides May 3-5 Colorado Springs, CO. May 3-5, 2019

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New Mexico

AshleyNew Mexico Center for Therapeutic Riding, Santa Fe, NM
Ashley Armijo attended the University of New Mexico, pursuing a career in Speech Language Pathology. She has worked in the developmentally disabled community for 8 years. She was a former member of the United States Pony Club and has ridden horses for over 25 years. When she is not working, she spends her time competing at 3-day eventing horse shows with her horse show horses. Her desire to help others and her love for horses led her to seek her PATH International Instructor Certification. She joined the New Mexico Center for Therapeutic Riding's team in 2013.

NMCTR's Therapy Horse Won Thoroughbred of The Year
NMCTR Flash HorseThe New Mexico Center for Therapeutic Riding's therapy Horse "Fly" won the T.I.P Thoroughbred of the Year Award. The Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.) Thoroughbred of the Year Award recognizes a Thoroughbred that has excelled in a non-competitive career, such as equine-assisted therapy or police work.The award include a $5,000 grant to the non-profit organization associated with the horse or, if not associated with a non-profit organization, to a horse-related charity chosen by The Jockey Club. "Fly" is a 20-year old thoroughbred that raced on the track for 7 years before becoming a show horse. After recovering a broken leg, "Fly" began a new career in therapeutic riding. Fly's warm heart and will to want to change lives makes him a popular and adored horse. He knows when to comfort with the touch of his nose. He senses a rider's instability or fear, and moves gently and carefully, knowing it is not a time he should race ahead or leap high. He patiently allows a rider with Parkinson's disease, because of shaking hands and restless legs, to repeatedly joggle the reins and kick him. Racing for 7 years, competing in the show ring, overcoming a broken leg, and now giving back to the community... he is a special horse.

NMCTR Received a $10,000 Grant from The Onota Foundation
The New Mexico Center for Therapeutic Riding received a $10,000 grant from Onota Foundation. The Onota Foundation believes that the most pressing need for humanity today is to rediscover its place in nature and to live in balance with its natural surroundings. The grant monies will be used for the horse care expenses of the NMCTR herd and to enhance the volunteer outreach.


Stefani ViktoraColorado State Chair
Stefani Viktora
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stefani is a Colorado transplant and has been involved in the equine assisted activities and therapies industry for nearly 15 years. She grew up volunteering at a therapeutic riding center in Iowa, and has spent the last few years in Colorado instructing and consulting at a variety of EAAT programs, and is currently the Head Instructor at the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center. She enjoys staying involved with PATH Intl. by serving on the Interactive Vaulting Certification Subcommittee and as an Accreditation Site Visitor. In her free time, you’ll usually find her off on a backpacking adventure.

PATH Intl.Registered Instructor Workshop and Certification
Hearts & Horses, Loveland, CO
May 29 - June 1
Contact Michele Kane, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 970-663-4200
For more information and to register go to


The Ups and the Downs: The Effects of Stimulants/Depressants, Mood Stabilizers, and Antidepressants
January 24, 2019, 6-7:30 p.m.
Horses Help, Phoenix, AZ, Midwestern University H.O.M.E. Projects
Are you a parent or caretaker of someone with behavioral or processing difficulties that requires taking daily medications? Maybe you simply interact with individuals taking mood altering prescription medications on a regular basis? During our presentation, we will be taking a look into how some common behavior/mood altering drugs may affect young children and adults. We’ll touch upon a few different drugs from each class and how they not only affect the body, but also how they can affect behavior. Together, we hope to open up an interactive discussion and answer questions that others might have not only on how some of these commonly prescribed medications work, but on how you may observe the effects and manifestations of taking them.
Contact: Horses Help, RSVP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upcoming Events, Horses Help, Phoenix, AZ, Midwestern University H.O.M.E. Projects
Diabetes, Prevention & Management
March 2019
Contact: Horses Help, RSVP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zoonotic Diseases
April 4, 2019
Contact: Horses Help, RSVP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Family H.E.R.D. Research Project
Horses Help is halfway through a research project that started in September. The purpose of the study is to determine whether or not an equine assisted activity program, such as the Family H.E.R.D., has a positive impact on family function. We are still recruiting families for this project. A total of ten families have participated. There are currently six spots open that are needed for data collection. Participation is free to families who meet the criteria.Any family interested in participating in the research study will need to be able to commit to three consecutive weeks. The program is offered on Monday evenings, Friday evenings, Saturday mornings or Saturday afternoons, and at least one child in the family must be age 10 or older. The research program is set up in three phases. Each week the family completes one of the phases. All activities and challenges are centered on learning about interacting with horses as family members will have multiple opportunities to work closely with the horses. Each phase teaches something new and interactive about horses in a groundwork setting.

Phase one focuses on three concepts: building a rapport and caring for horses, seeing the world from a horse’s perspective and learning about equine communication. Families are engaged in game-like activities and challenges in which they will experience the three concepts. Phase two focuses on understanding and accepting differences by learning about herd dynamics. Families will learn the importance for animals of prey to work together and accept the differences in hierarchy and personality within the herd and how it can relate to family dynamics. Finally, in phase three, families will learn to establish and maintain boundaries while working with horses on and off lead. Concepts learned from phases one and two will also be revisited in phase three to help with the success of leading.

Data collection includes filling out questionnaires prior to starting the program, after the completion of the three weeks and again after three months. All names and identities are withheld for confidentiality. The H.E.R.D. program is not a family therapy program, but an opportunity for families to enjoy being outdoors together while learning about horses and interactions.

All families are welcome to participate as long as they meet the following criteria:
• At least one family member is an adult 18 years or older
• At least one child in the family is 10 years old or older (mini mum age of 7)
• Everyone in the family is able to read, write and speak English
• Everyone in the family is capable of giving consent to participate in the study
• Family can provide their own transportation to and from Horses Help

Family will be able to participate in all three weeks of the Family HERD program

Interested in partaking in the Family H.E.R.D. research study? Contact Kerri at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 602-569-6056. There is no cost for participation.

PATH Intl. Registered Instructor Workshop and Certification
Hosted by Horses Help, 2801 E Rose Garden Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85050
April 10 - 12, 2019
Contact Shelly Wright at Horses Help This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Workshop Fee: $375*Workshop Fee: $375*
Workshop Audit Fee (with manual): $160*
Workshop Audit Fee (without manual): $120*
Note: Audits can be added on to a Certification registration. Just add both to your cart!

Certification Dates: Friday, April 12th - Saturday, April 13th 2019
Certification Fee: $380*
Workshop & Certification Package Fee: $720*
Reimbursement Policy: Refunds are offered ONLY in cases of documented illness or injury. Non-Refundable office fees for documented injury: $100 for Workshop, $75 for Certification, $15 for Audit-no Manual, $45 for Audit- with Manual

Registration Deadline: March 13th, 2019

Please Note: Certification candidates MUST submit all required Phase II paperwork (including Documentation of Teaching Hours and IT Letter) to Horses Help by March 29, 2019 to participate in the April 12th & 13th certification. It is the candidate’s responsibility to be familiar with all PATH Intl. certification components, processes, and submission requirements.
Please refer to the PATH Intl. Registered Riding Instructor Application Booklet and the PATH Intl. Registered Riding Instructor Certification Booklet for details.

Horses Help has a maximum weight limit of 180-200 lbs. for the riding portion of the Instructor Certification, depending on the horses available during the event. All Candidates will be weighed in on the first day that they arrive at Horses Help.

Information about Workshop & Certification Start Dates/Times to help you plan your travel arrival and departure times:
• Workshop Check-In begins at 11:30am on Wednesday, April 10th, 2019
• Workshop Concludes at 1pm on Friday, April 12th
• Certification Candidates must check in by Noon on Friday, April 12th (for those attending Certification only)
• Certification Concludes at approximately 5:30pm Saturday, April 13th

Welcome StephanieRegion 10 Communication Chair - Stephanie Green
Silver Lining Riding, Waddel, AZ
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stephanie grew up in a small ranching town in western New Mexico where she learned to ride on the ranch horses. The only lesson she received was from her grandfather who told her, “Heels down, hold on.” She has refined her technique since then, and has been a PATH certified instructor at Silver Lining Riding in Waddell, Arizona, for the last three years. Stephanie lives in Goodyear, Arizona with her husband, Michael, and her two kids, Kadence and Jesse.



AbbyJane UtahUtah State Chair
AbbyJane Ferrin
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
AbbyJane Ferrin is a licensed and certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, a PATH Intl. certified Advanced Instructor, Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning, and Mentor. She has 16 years of experience in the field working at the National Ability Center in Park City, Utah with individuals of all ages with a wide range of disabilities. She has worked with horses personally for 27 years and professionally for 16 years. She currently lives and works on her ranch with her three young kids and mixed herd of Missouri Fox trotters, Mustangs, donkeys, cattle and sheep. Her hobbies include horseback riding, biking, running, backpacking, skiing, gardening, and camping with her family.


Kristen ChapsNew Wyoming State Chair
Kristen Marcus is a native Wyoming girl who grew up on a ranch raising cows, horses and pigs. She has been horse-crazy her whole life and wanted to pursue a career in equine veterinary medicine until life took an unexpected turn. Kristen's first child was born with cerebral palsy. Kristen chose to stay at home with her daughter while going to school 3/4 time to obtain a Master's Degree in Agricultural Communications at Oklahoma State University. Her master's thesis was a case study involving a young girl with severe anxiety and a therapy horse named Spud. This study spurred Kristen to get involved with a center and begin teaching her young daughter horsemanship. Several moves later, Kristen and her family returned to Wyoming where she is now the Executive Director for Children, Horses and Adults in PartnerShip (CHAPS) Equine Assisted Therapy in Sheridan, WY. woman with two horses

CHAPSCHAPS Equine Assisted Therapy
CHAPS expanded the EAL programs this year to serve Pre-K children at the Child Development Center and Seniors at Daybreak, a local senior day program. These groups are in addition to serving veterans at the Veterans' Home of Wyoming. Our ponies travel to the facilities once a week to provide a fun learning experience for everyone. The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly good and we are excited to see our new clients each week. CHAPS has no heat in our facility so we are shut down from November to March. This program fits neatly into our schedule and allows us to serve more of our community.


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