Benefits of Accreditation

Just as other professions use accreditation and licensing systems to improve the well-being of their industries, professionals in the field of Equine-assisted Services (EAS) have a distinction of their own through the Premier Accredited Center (PAC) Program. The PAC Program gives centers the chance to demonstrate their excellence in providing quality equine-assisted activities. As a leading representative of the Equine-assisted Services (EAS) field, PATH Intl. PACs receive many benefits.

  • PATH Intl. Conference and Annual Meeting – PATH Intl. PACs are eligible to receive up to one complimentary full registration when three or more individuals are registered and paid for (one per center, per year).
  • Riders Assistance Fund Scholarship – PATH Intl. PACs are eligible to apply for this $300 annual scholarship for an equestrian. Information becomes available early in the year.

Quality Assurance

  • Prospective donors, volunteers and riders are more willing to establish relationships with organizations that have attained this respected benchmark. Likewise, staff and volunteers can take pride in knowing that they represent a center that meets the national standards.
  • Accreditation provides an advantage when raising funds — especially when approaching private donors and state organizations that require proof that a center meets industry standards before distributing funds.
  • When directors or other key staff members change at a PAC, riders can be assured that they will continue to receive consistent, therapeutically valid services that meet safety standards.


  • Premier Accredited Centers are listed separately and prominently from member centers in all PATH Intl. published listings. This includes the PATH Intl. Membership Directory, state lists that are mailed to hundreds of prospective donors, riders and others requesting information, as well as the PATH Intl. website that is accessible to millions of people daily.
  • Industry recognition of PACs is demonstrated through announcements at the PATH Intl. Annual Meeting & Conference.
  • Only PACs are referred to print and broadcast reporters who call PATH Intl. asking to speak to centers. These centers are known to have met safety standards and will make good sources for news stories.


  • Only PACs have the right to use the PATH Intl. logo and “Premier Accredited Center” tagline on printed materials.
  • PACs receive template press releases to customize and send to local media.


  • Through the PATH Intl. Standards of Certification and Accreditation manual, personnel have a thorough resource to evaluate their centers.
  • To keep the standards current, the PATH Intl. Board of Directors and Accreditation Subcommittee routinely research and review the legality of the accreditation process.

Questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the PATH Intl. office.



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