• Centers hosting events during which they can showcase their barns, staff and programs to a large group of Veterans have had great success in recruitment and retention. Warriors are motivated to support each other; and this is a great way to connect Warriors to Warriors as well as motivate them to return for regular lessons. If you would like to hold a large group event and would like a WWP representative to attend, Shauna Smith at WWP will connect you with a person in your area.
  • Scheduling group lessons with other warriors rather than private lessons has also shown better attendance.

First Contact With the Veterans

  • Provide extra encouragement for Warriors to participate.  
  • Let them know what to expect.
  • Try to schedule lessons with other Warriors.
  • Make reminder calls. Text and email reminders the day prior to lessons/workshops.
  • Establish a relationship of trust.

Working With Veterans in Lessons

  • Let them open up to you. Please, NEVER ask them about their war-time experience.
  • Be patient.
  • Keep the environment welcoming.
  • Keep them engaged at their established pace.
  • Provide a positive encouraging environment.
  • Redirect Warriors who become fixated on negative experiences.
  • Be aware of physical boundaries and touching.
  • Be aware that some Warriors might experience triggers or things that remind them of traumatic events. Please reduce or warn Warriors of loud noises, sudden movements or large crowds. Please provide a “safe place” for them to retreat (perhaps a tack room or bathroom) and let them know where it is prior to the lesson.  



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