PATH Intl. Strategic Plan

PATH Intl. Bylaws - 2018, approved 11/2/18

PATH Intl. Bylaws - 2017, approved 11/10/17
   PATH Intl. Bylaws - 2018, draft

PATH Intl. Position Statements

PATH Intl. Credentialing Council Charter - May 2017

Privacy Policy -- updated 5/25/18

PATH Intl. Brand and Graphics Guide -- August 2018


PATH Intl. Brochure (6 MB)

PATH Intl. Fact Sheets


PATH Intl. Volunteer Organizational Chart (updated 01/18)

PATH Intl. Code of Ethics

PATH Intl. Whistleblower Policy (updated 01/17)

NARHA/EFMHA Integration FAQs

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) - Are Nonprofits Required to Pay Overtime?


Annual Meeting Minutes

2020 Annual Meeting Video
If you’ve never been able to attend a PATH Intl. Annual Meeting, here’s your opportunity to see what it’s all about. Watch the video to learn about the state of your organization! The meeting includes everything from finance to President and CEO reports and everything in between. Enjoy!

Minutes from the 2018 PATH Intl. Annual Meeting - October 2018

Minutes from the 2017 PATH Intl. Annual Meeting - November 2017

PowerPoint presentation of the 2017 Annual Meeting
2016 Strategic Plan Update Highlights

Minutes from the 2016 PATH Intl. Annual Meeting - November 2016

Minutes from the 2015 PATH Intl. Annual Meeting - November 2015

Minutes from the 2014 PATH Intl. Annual Meeting - October 2014

Minutes from the 2013 PATH Intl. Annual Meeting - November 2013


Business and Legal Documents

PATH Intl. Articles of Incorporation - 2011

PATH Intl. Statement of Trade Name

PATH Intl. Tax Exempt Status as a 501(c)3


Click here for financials (990s and audits)



PATH Intl. Board Job Description

PATH Intl. Board Application Form

PATH Intl. Membership Outreach Committee Region Representative nomination form (2021-2022)




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