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Pre-conference Workshops

NARHA Horses for Heroes Pre-Conference Workshop

NARHA Horses for Heroes bios of presenters


Thursday, General Session

Raising Money in December -- Some Myths and Some Methods

Getting Over the Fear of Asking

How to Raise $50,000 in Six Weeks


Thursday, Session A, Practical Applications Track

Developing a Horse Maintenance Program


Thursday, Session A, Administrative Track A

Event Planning Tips and Strategies


Thursday, Session A, Administrative Track B

Risk Management for NARHA Centers

Insurance Checklist for NARHA Centers

Reporting Incidents to Your Insurer


Thursday, Session C, Administrative Track B

Navigating a Successful Silent Auction -- 18 Mb

Silent Auction Tool Kit


Thursday, Session D, Integrative Programming Track

Dealing With the Loss of a Horse


Friday, Session A-B-C, Research Track

ASD Learning Styles and Interventions

Autism and THR

Introduction Autism Diagnosis


Region 7 Presentation


Friday, Session A, Integrative Programming Track

Using Brain Gym to Ride With Confidence, Relaxation and Balance


Friday, Session A-B, Administrative Track B

Making Your Volunteer Program a Win-Win


Friday, Session C, Practical Applications Track

Enhancing Spinal Cord Injury Patient Education Through Interaction With Horses

"Craig RN helps patients build confidence with horse therapy," in Denver's Nursing Star


Friday, Session C, Administrative Track B

Basics of Budgeting


Friday, Session D, Research Track

A Narrative Study of Volunteer Experiences and Stories -- 3 Mb


Friday, Session D, Practical Applications Track

Tying Your Lessons Together


Friday, Session D, Administrative Track B

Transitions Toward Board Excellence


Friday, Session F, Integrative Programming Track

Denver Short

Final Corrected Centaur (5 MB)


Friday, Session F, Research Track

The Effect of EAAT on Balance in Older Adults


Friday, Session F, Practical Applications Track

Practical Considerations for Precautions and Contraindications


Saturday, Horse Expo

Looking Your Gift Horse in the Mouth, Over the Tail, Under ....

Horse Screening

New Horse First Evaluation

New Horse Second Evaluation

Regular Horse Evaluation


Giving Back to the Equine With Reiki

Giving Back to the Equine With Reiki



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