Webinars and Bulletins for COVID19-Specific Updates

for PATH Intl. Centers, Individual Members, Certified Professionals & Friends

The PATH Intl. Board of Trustees and Staff wish everyone strength during these uncharted times. We are operating in a business-as-usual manner, while acknowledging this time is anything but usual, and we're looking for ways to provide continuity while simultaneously adapting to do what we can for our members. 

The association recognizes the abundance of information everyone is receiving. We have therefore created this page that will only communicate concepts necessary to help us all navigate the current situation. 

Recorded Webinar: Window of Tolerance: Knowing When Self-Care Is Critial

Presentation Recording


Recorded Webinar: Having Difficult Conversations: Initiating, Redirecting and Engaging

Presentation Recording

Presentation PowerPoint


Recorded Presentation: Planning for the New Normal While Navigating the Present Reality

Presentation Recording

Thanks to RIDE On LA, a PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center (PAC) in Chatsworth, CA, and ROCK, a PAC in Georgetown, TX, for the helpful examples!

Webinar: Engaging Center Volunteers as COVID-19 Restrictions Ease

Webinar Recording

Resources for Volunteer Managers and Everyone!
Hearts & Horses Volunteer Acknowledgement of Risk  
Hearts & Horses Policies and Procedures - Volunteer 


Webinar: Resuming Services Strategically and Safely: Approaching the Future With Mindful Intention

Webinar Recording

SAMPLE JoyRide Risk Benefit Assessment
SAMPLE JoyRide Infection Control Outdoor Sessions
SAMPLE Participant COVID-19 Survey
SAMPLE Volunteer COVID-19 Survey
Reimagining Your Fundraising in a COVID Environment

Precautions for Re-opening a Center 

Hearts & Horses Participant Acknowledgement of Risk
Hearts & Horses Policies and Procedures Rider Final
JF Shea Center Pandemic Preparedness and Response Plan MAY 21, 2020

COVID-19 Support Resources -- An ongoing list of resources for PATH Intl. members and centers to consult when mapping out plans and procedures to recommence EAAT services as the COVID-19 virus subsides.


Webinar: How to Successfully Deliver Virtual Services - 1.5 CR CEUs

Webinar recording

Virtual Veteran Programming
Virtual Lessons Programming and Online Learning
Tools and Links Used by BraveHearts
Telehealth for OT, PT, SLP
Resources to create online programming


Town Hall Webinar on COVID-19 Impact - 1.5 CEUs

COVID-19 Impact: Navigating the Present and Planning for the Future for Your Center and Participants

Webinar recording
PowerPoint presentation

Webinar supporting documents

Loans Available for Nonprofits in the CARES Act
COVID-19 Emergency Campaign Fundraising Guidebook
Sample Tele-Health/Tele-Wellness Procedures
Sample Tele-Health Release Form with eSignature
Sample Telehealth Occupational/Physical Therapy Candidacy Checklist

Dana Butler-Moburg presents tools to help navigate these challenging times and maintain therapeutic horsemanship programs. The presentation focuses on five areas: rethinking programming, donor relations, staff care, horse care and communication. Kathy Alm, PATH Intl. CEO, provides opening industry comments. 


Resource Lists

Click HERE for a list of resources to help you, your families, your businesses and your communities during this time and beyond. Additions will be made to this list as more information and resources become available.

Human Resource/Employer Resources

COVID-19 Ready Resource
COVID-19 Screening Procedures
COVID-19 Warning Poster
Mask Wearing Requirement Considerations
Mask Wearing Requirement Examples
Reassure Employees
SHRM COVID-19 Resources
Quarantine Tracking Spreadsheet
Tracking Spreadsheet Explanation
Vaccine--To Mandate Or Not
Sample COVID-19 Exposure and Symptoms Protocol 


Evolving Response Recommendations for COVID19

COVID-19 Bulletin - 01/15/21

COVID-19 Bulletin -- 01/05/21

COVID-19 Bulletin - 10/05/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 09/29/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 09/17/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 09/04/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 08/26/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 08/24/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 08/13/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 07/29/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 07/17/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 06/26/20

COVID-19 Bulltin - 06/12/20
Wash Station Concept 

COVID-19 Bulletin - 06/01/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 05/29/20

SuMMit Centre Re-Opening Template 

PATH Intl. Resuming Services Suggestions

Community FAQs: Pediatric COVID-19 and CPR

COVID-19 Bulletin - 05/15/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 05/08/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 05/01/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 04/21/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 04/15/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 04/08/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - Town Hall supporting links

COVID-19 Bulletin - 04/01/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 03/30/20

CEO Update: March 30, 2020 - Federal Corona Virus Relief Bills: What Do They Mean for Nonprofits and Small Businesses?

COVID-19 Bulletin - 03/28/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 03/26/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 03/25/20

COVID-19 Bulletin - 03/20/20

03/16/20 In this communication, we listed ways to take preventative action regarding COVID19. As the situation has continued to evolve, social distancing, school closures and event cancellations have become the norm. What should you do? Click here

Office closure 




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