Resources for Special Educators

2016 51Special education teachers are often the first contact a family has for their children with special challenges. It is important that these knowledgeable educators understand the significance of PATH Intl. credentials as they might suggest equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) as an option for students. To that end, PATH Intl. has created this resurce page for special educators.

PATH Intl. Fact Sheet for Special Educators

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Articles from PATH Intl. Strides

PATH Intl. Strides is the quarterly publication of PATH Intl. It is intended as a challenging information exchange and communication opportunity for the field of equine-assisted activities and therapies. For full issues and other articles, visit the Strides archive page. Please feel free to print off these articles and distribute them to parents or other educators.

Summer 2016, Building Community in the ASD Population

Fall 2016, Temple Grandin Equine Center

Fall 2016, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Therapeutic Riding Research

Fall 2015, Camp Challenges: Integrating EAL Into Summer Programs

Fall 2015, ADHD Research on Exercise: Implications for Therapeutic Horsemanship

Spring 2014, Turning Riders' Life Goals Into Reality

Spring 2014, Behind the Behavior

Summer 2014, Playtime With Horses: Equine-Partnered Play Therapy

Summer 2014, Playtime: The Value of Unmounted Games

Winter 2013, Teaching Techniques for Children With ASD

Winter 2013, EFL Improves Children's Social Competence



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