Member of the Month: Victoria Surr

Congratulations to our 1st member of the month for June, Victoria Surr.

If you’ve been to a PATH Intl. Conference and Annual Meeting, you’re probably already familiar with the warm smile and heart of Victoria Surr. If you haven’t met her, we hope you do because she is an instant friend. She and her charming father (who at conferences literally wore a nametag that said, “Dad” or sometimes “Victoria’s Dad!”) always had an exhibit at the conference representing the company Freedom Rider. Victoria founded Freedom Rider and was the president of the company for 20 years. She first joined PATH Intl. over 20 years ago when she had just started the company and she wanted to support (then) NARHA by becoming a PATH Intl. Life Member. It’s no surprise that when we asked what her favorite thing about belonging to the EAAT community is, her answer was, “Coming to national conferences!”

About her first career she states, “I have had many. Very first was Veterinary Assistant. Just before starting Freedom Rider, I was a freelance typesetter.” She first learned about EAAT while doing some research. Something most people don’t know about Victoria? She sold the company a couple years ago and has started a new career path in photography. She says her favorite horse is, “UC Rianna GCH, a 35-years-young Morgan mare who is my soul mate.” Victoria says she’s known way too many amazing EAAT participants to tell us about just one.

We asked her to share with us a life lesson she had to learn the hard way and she said, “I had a trainer who was helping me with a Morgan gelding who was very 'squirrelly' about everything. He would bounce off every imagined shadow and sound in all different directions. I spent a lot of riding time looking at his shoulders and the ground, wondering which way he would go next, and if I was going to end up on that ground under him. My trainer would say, 'Look up, pick a spot in the distance, and go there! Never mind what is on the ground, or what he might do right now, just look up and GO!' As with most students, I had to hear that over and over before I actually got it, and my trainer shortened it to 'Look up and GO!' As all of us who ride know, it worked. Look up and GO has become my mantra. When life under my feet is full of unknowns and shadows, I pick that spot where I want to be, and 'Look up and GO!'"

She wanted to share, “We are a wonderful group of people! So much love and cooperation between us. I am proud to be a part of this group,” and she wishes there would be more recognition for the services provided by PATH Intl. Members, Instructors and Centers.

If you’re ever in the charming Oak Bluffs, MA and see a big smile wearing a camera, introduce yourself because it just might be PATH Intl. Life Member Victoria Surr!

Be sure to visit the Freedom Rider booth at the PATH Intl. Conference, November 8-10, 2019, in Denver. There's a good chance Victoria will be there!



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