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Riding Master Level Certification

Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) Master Level Instructor Certification is the highest certification level an instructor can achieve through PATH Intl. This program is designed for those instructors with career involvement in therapeutic riding. A PATH Intl. Master Level Instructor has a strong background in horsemanship and teaching, as well as a thorough knowledge of disabilities and their relationship to therapeutic riding. He or she has the ability to step into any instruction situation in the field of equine-assisted activities and therapies and take charge effectively, with the support of the operating center board or the center management. He or she is also capable of training other therapeutic riding instructors.

PATH Intl. Master Level Instructors are looked upon as role models, and will embody the spirit of PATH Intl. while promoting the dignity of the entire therapeutic horsemanship team.

Riding Master Certification Application Booklet

Characteristics of a PATH Intl. Master Level Instructor

  • Has thorough knowledge of PATH Intl. Master Level Instructor Certification criteria.
  • Maintains professional demeanor in all areas of the equine-assisted activities and therapies industry.
  •  Is able to communicate positively and effectively in a variety of situations and with a variety of people.
  • Demonstrates superior interpersonal skills.
  • Teaches effectively to a group or an individual, using creative and tailored approaches to maximize students’ understanding.
  •  Makes effective use of time and resources.
  •  Demonstrates ability to recognize problems and identify solutions.
  • Demonstrates responsibility.
  • Is aware of personal and professional limitations.
  • Demonstrates critical thinking, as well as intuitive and analytical reasoning.
  • Recognizes own biases and suspends judgmental thinking.
  • Strives to maintain a sense of humor.
  • Is open to constructive criticism and can effectively give constructive feedback.
  • Demonstrates ability to progress a rider to the realistic pinnacle of his/her ability.

Applicant Criteria

  • Must be a current PATH Intl. Instructor member and certified as a PATH Intl. Advanced Level Instructor.
  • Must be at least 25 years of age.
  • Must be a member of another equestrian organization outside of PATH Intl..
  • Must have a minimum of four years of involvement with a PATH Intl. Center.
  • Must have at least 400 hours of experience teaching equine-assisted activities.
  • Must document at least two years of service to PATH Intl.


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