Video Re-submission Process

PATH Intl. is proud to announce an exciting change to its video resubmission process. PATH Intl. now has the ability to accept video submissions online through a file sharing system. We are still accepting DVDs and VHS tapes, but we strongly encourage all potential instructors who need to re-submit a video to complete their certification process to utilize the new system. International candidates can also use this system to submit videos to PATH Intl.

The system is easy to use; you can upload your video from your computer to our system. The video will be sent directly to the office and is ready to be reviewed by our PATH Intl. Evaluators. Candidates will still need to mail or email the appropriate paperwork for their video re-submission and pay the re-submission fee (see your official results letter for more information) but will no longer have to worry how to get their video on a DVD or VHS!

The new system will allow PATH Intl. to increase customer service to our certification candidates re-submitting videos for certification. This process will speed up our reviewing time, prevent damaged or lost tapes in the mail, and make it easier for our members to submit their videos.

If you are interested in using this new system as an Instructor In Training who needs to re-submit a component for certification to complete the certification process, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the information.

For all future candidates who may need to re-submit a video for certification, this information will be included in the official results letter sent to you by the PATH Intl. office approximately 30-45 days following your on-site certification testing.



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