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Certification Process - Registered Level
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Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) offers three levels of certification for therapeutic riding instructors: Registered, Advanced and Master. PATH Intl. also offers instructor certification in the specialty disciplines of driving and interactive vaulting. Driving instructors may become certified as Level I, Level II or Level III. Those teaching vaulting also have the opportunity to obtain vaulting instructor certification, and PATH Intl. Registered Level instructor certification is a prerequisite for this particular discipline.

Therapeutic riding instructors who teach at PATH Intl. Centers are required to achieve one level of PATH Intl. Instructor Certification status. Instructors apply for each level of certification separately, beginning with the Registered level. The criteria and requirements for each level are detailed in the certification booklets. These booklets describe the skills and knowledge an instructor must posses in the areas of Equine Management, Horsemanship, Instruction, Teaching Methodology and Disabilities for each level and class of certification. Links to certification booklets for each discipline are available below.

The first step to becoming an instructor is to obtain experience working with individuals with disabilities at a PATH Intl. Center. Many instructors get their start by volunteering at centers as side-walkers or leaders. Becoming involved with a PATH Intl. Center is a great way to learn about therapeutic riding and whether or not to pursue certification.

In order to become certified at any level one first needs to become a PATH Intl. member by submitting a membership application to the PATH Intl. office.

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