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Changes to Instructor Compliance Requirements

“What’s this? Instructor compliance requirements have changed?”

That’s correct. In alignment with Strategic Plan objectives of quality assurance and excellence in credentialing, PATH Intl. is pleased to announce updated Continuing Education and Instructor Compliance procedures as of July 1, 2015. The revisions focus on the pursuit of continual professional development so that our certified professionals are considered to be at the forefront of the EAAT industry.

“Does that mean the continuing education I’ve gathered over the last year won’t be accepted?”

Not necessarily. Many of the same activities are still accepted, the new requirements delineate professional development/continuing education activities into categories. While the revisions go into effect on July 1, 2015, PATH Intl. Instructors will have a choice of which compliance requirements to submit until January 1, 2016. PATH Intl. will accept both the 2014 compliance form and the 2015 compliance form through the remainder of 2015 to accommodate those that have been earning continuing education hours per the 2014 requirements this past membership year. Please note that instructors will be required to meet the compliance requirements exactly as they are stated on the compliance form submitted.  

“So what are the revisions?”

After receiving feedback from our membership and committees on changes proposed April 1st, the continuing education procedures have undergone a bit of a facelift. The notable changes are:

-          All instructors, regardless of the number of certifications held, need only submit a total of 20 hours of continuing education each year with their membership renewal. Holding multiple certifications will no longer require obtaining over 20 hours in order to maintain compliance.

-          Each instructor must satisfy minimum core requirements as follows:

  • Minimum of 6 hours of disability education.  Disability education is defined as educational activities that provide the student with greater understanding of the physical, social, cognitive and/or behavioral impacts experienced by individuals with disabilities, mental health disorders or emotional trauma.  The education received should help the instructor understand how to communicate with and more effectively instruct a wide range of EAAT participants in order to increase the efficacy of the learning environment. 
  • Minimum of 2 hours relevant to each certification held:
    • Master, AdvancedandRegistered Riding Instructrs Receive 2 hours of: Riding lessons OR Mounted or unmounted coaching; OR Attend a clinic with an emphasis on instruction/teaching techniques
    • DrivingInstructrs Receive 2 hours Driving lessons OR Coaching (put to or ground driving); OR Attend a clinic with an emphasis on instruction/teaching techniques
    • Interactive VaultingInstructrs Receive 2hours Vaulting lessons OR Mounted or unmounted coaching; OR Attend a clinic with an emphasis on instruction/teaching techniques
    • EquineSpecialistinMentalHealthand Learning(ESMHL)Receive2hoursf unmounted lessons on ground work skills and/or horse behavior; OR Attend a clinic with an emphasis on instruction/teaching techniques

-          Additional activities submitted to supplement the core requirements and achieve 20 total hours of continuing education should involve active participation, reflect pursuit of professional development and encourage self-reflection, ultimately enhancing your instruction skills and expanding knowledge related to the EAAT industry. Eight categories have been assigned to aid with identifying accepted activities. For a list and explanation of each of these categories, please visit the CEU Guidelines webpage at http://www.pathintl.org/resources-education/education/continuing-education.

-          Documentation of current Adult & Child CPR and First Aid certifications will no longer be required to accompany compliance/membership renewal. It is expected that instructors will maintain these certifications and be prepared to provide documentation of current certifications upon request. Documentation of current Adult & Child CPR and First Aid certifications will be required to complete PATH Intl. instructor certification.

CPR and First Aid Announcement

As of July 1, 2015, PATH Intl. will no longer require proof of current Adult & Child CPR or basic First Aid certifications for annual instructor compliance. Proof of these certifications will still be required to accompany Instructor Applications and as part of Instructor On-Site Certification registration paperwork to ensure that candidates are aware of the importance of holding these certifications. Once certified, PATH Intl. professionals are expected to maintain their Adult & Child CPR and basic First Aid certifications to remain compliant with the PATH Intl. Standards, even if they are not affiliated with a PATH Intl. Center.

Pursuant with PATH Intl. Standard A31, all PATH Intl. Member Centers are responsible for ensuring that there is at least one person with current CPR and First Aid certifications at each activity site during activities and maintaining written documentation of said certifications on-site.

New Incentive: PATHBucks

PATHBucks is a new program that allows the association to provide incentives and recognition to its members in a unique way.  PATHBucks are like receiving a gift certificate that can be applied to your association purchases, memberships or applications.PATHBucks can be applied to memberships (center and individual), PATH Intl.  educational materials, PATH Intl. Registered Instructor applications and PATH Intl. conference registrations (international and regional). 

How it works

  • PATHBucks must be submitted to the PATH Intl. office via mail and are not redeemable for online or in-person purchases.
  • PATHBucks are nontransferable.
  • PATHBucks are valid one year from the date of issue.

For other news about PATH Intl., visit the PATH Intl. News archives.





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