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What's New

Field Test Standards Electronic Voting

As a reminder, again this year field test standards will be voted on electronically rather than at the PATH Intl. Conference and Annual Meeting. As PATH Intl. continues to grow, the association wants to take advantage of every opportunity, including social media and other electronic means, to listen to and keep in touch with our members. An electronic vote gives every member a chance to participate.

These standards have been in field test since January 2016:

FTS 1 through 4 are proposing to replace a part of the current PATH Intl. Core Standard A32. These will separate the helmet requirement for volunteers and personnel and adds acceptance of international equivalent helmets. If passed, they will respectively be placed in the core, mounted activity, driving activity and vaulting activity sections of the manual.

FTS 5 concerns the minimum safe age for participants in equine-assisted activities and follows the age recommendation found in the precautions and contraindications section of the PATH Intl. Standards for Certification and Accreditation. This standard was proposed by the PATH Intl. Health and Education Advisory to emphasize the need to closely evaluate young participants before placing them on an equine.

The electronic vote will take place in July (dates to be determined). Until the vote, members can give input on the field test standards at region conferences or by calling PATH Intl.

Members unable to vote electronically will be given options in the near future.


Job Task Analysis: The trek continues...

Trek to Accreditation of the PATH Intl. Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification

As most of you know by now, one of the major initiatives in the PATH Intl. strategic plan is to achieve independent, third party accreditation of the PATH Intl. Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification in order to provide validation that our certification meets recognized credentialing standards. For a refresher on this this objective, read the . As mentioned in that article, one of the first major initiatives was to conduct a job task analysis (JTA) in order to verify the knowledge, skills and abilities a newly certified PATH Intl. Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor should possess. Click here to read more.

PATH Intl. Undergoes Its Own Accreditation

For other news about PATH Intl., visit the PATH Intl. News archives.



Their names sound harmless enough, like those of your next door neighbors: Sandy, Matthew, Irene. However, these aren't the good-hearted, albeit somewhat annoying, neighbors whose kids will barge in and clean out your refrigerator. No, these are hurricanes, and when they blow in, they will clean out much more than your leftover pot roast. They leave physical damage and heartache caused by the devastation of flooding and more bills than can be handled by a single center.

There is good news, though. Help is available through the PATH Intl. Disaster Relief Fund. The fund assists PATH Intl. centers in good standing with an immediate need in meeting expenses not normally covered by operating insurance after natural or manmade catastrophic disasters. These include hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, floods, fire and drought.

PATH Intl. recently received two letters of thanks from centers who were grateful for help from the PATH Intl. Disaster Relief Fund.

From Dr. Shelley Wall at Ruffles and Spurs Child Therapy Center in Humble, TX: "I'm so grateful for your help in time spent to recover losses from the flood. The money will be stretched far! May God bless you all and may we continue to serve children together, with horses to heal bodies and stabilize minds and emotions!"

From Marita Wassman at Ride On St. Louis, a PATH Intl. PAC in Kimmswick, MO, "Please extend our deepest gratitude to all at PATH Intl. for the support to Ride On St. Louis. Your gift will help us to finish some final repairs from the December '15 flood. But the best part is that when we can move to a drier location, the dismount mats will come with us!"

Now for the bad news. The PATH Intl. Disaster Relief Fund is seriously depleted because of the good we've been able to accomplish from the funds donated by people like you. Hurricane season might be over, but the cleanup goes on. Your gift will help centers like Ruffles and Spurs and Ride On St. Louis rebuild what was lost.


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