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Insist Upon Safety, Focus on Possibilities Ad Campaign

PATH Intl. is often asked to advertise in various publications, and while we do advertise in a carefully selected few, we don't have the budget to advertise everywhere we would like. The pdfs listed below are ads we are currently using. If you have additional space in your publication, even filler space, we would be most appreciative of you picking up one of our ads and helping us spread the word about the power of the equine to change and enrich lives.

Let us know if you pick up one of our ads, and thank you!

Standard black-and-white ad, full page
Standard ad A, 4-color, half-page, 7x4.75
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Standard ad, 4-color, full page, 7.875x10.5
PATH International Equine Services for Heroes, 4-color, full page, 8.75x10.58
PATH International Equine Services for Heroes, 4-color, half-page, 7x4.75

2015 Press Releases

January 2015 - Come Present at the 2015 PATH Intl. Conference in Cleveland
January 2015 - Discover What Therapeutic Horsemanship Is About at PATH Intl. Region Conferences
February 2015 - PATH Intl. Conference Videos Offer Insight Into EAAT
March 2015 - PATH Intl. Announces Research Group
March 2015 - PATH Intl. Grant Funds Veteran-Focused Training
April 2015 - International Coach and Educator Jackie Stevenson to Speak at PATH Intl. Conference
April 2015 - PATH Intl. Grants Scholarship to Young Participant Through Riders Assistance Fund
May 2015 - PATH Intl. Disaster Relief Fund Helps to Stem the Tide of Flood Damages
May 2015 - PATH Intl. Invites Exhibitors to 2015 Conference
June 2015 - Purina Returns as Title Sponsor and Official Feed of PATH Intl.
June 2015 - PATH Intl. Seeks Silent Auction Items for International Conference
July 2015 - PATH Intl. Conference Offers Introduction to EAAT
July 2015 - PATH Intl. Announces 2015 Region and Equestrian Award Winners
August 2015 - PATH Intl. Announces Education-Filled Lineup for Horse Expo
August 2015 - PATH Intl. Announces 2015 Conference Scholarship Winners
September 2015 - PATH Intl. Specialty Certificate Allows for Better and Increased Service to Veterans Programs
September 2015 - VA Grant Awarded to PATH Intl.
October 2015 - PATH Intl. Center Startup Packet Now Available
October 2015 - Thank You to PATH Intl. Sponsors
November 2015 - PATH Intl. Announces New Board President
November 2015 - PATH Intl. Celebrates Its 2015 International Award Winners

2014 Press Releases

January 2014 - Margo Dewkett Receives EQUUS Foundation Humanitarian Award
January 2014 - Come Present at the 2014 PATH Intl. Conference in San Diego
February 2014 - Join PATH Intl. and Make a Difference
February 2014 - PATH Intl. Begins Search for Chief Executive Officer
March 2014 - PATH Intl. Region Conferences Offer Opportunities on Local Level
March 2014 - PATH Intl. Standards Ensure the Safety and Quality of Its Programs
April 2014 - Two PATH Intl. Members Awarded Certification Scholarships Through APHF
April 2014 - PATH Intl. Disaster Relief Fund Gives Aid to Centers Damaged by Storms
May 2014 - Marine Veteran Passes PATH Intl. Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification
May 2014 - PATH Intl. Proudly Announces New CEO
June 2014 - Partnership Fosters Awareness of EAAT and Funds for PATH Intl.
June 2014 - PATH Intl. Strides Magazine Receives Top Honors From AHP
July 2014 - PATH Intl. Receives $7,500 Donation From Cavallo Horse and Rider
July 2014 - PATH Intl. Announces 2014 Award Winners
August 2014 - PATH Intl. Conference to Feature Two World-Class Speakers
August 2014 - PATH International Introduces Two New Scholarships for Veterans
September 2014 - Purina Announced as PATH Intl. Conference Title Sponsor
September 2014 - PATH Intl. Announces 2014 Scholarship Recipients
October 2014 - PATH Intl. Awarded Grant From Department of Veterans Affairs           List of all VA Grant award recipients
November 2014 - PATH Intl. Celebrates Its 2014 International Award Winners
November 2014 - Kraeck Named PATH Intl. James Brady Professional Achievement Award Recipient

2013 Press Releases

January - PATH Intl. Gives Back - disaster relief
January - AjPHA President’s Service Project Benefits PATH Intl. - Colt Cumpton
February - Come Present at the PATH Intl. Conference in Orlando, FL - call for papers
February - PATH Intl. Ad Campaign
March - PATH Intl. Names Purina Title Sponsor
March - PATH Intl. Volunteers Change the World for Participants at Centers
April - PATH Intl. Announced as Finalist for Equine Industry Vision Award
April - PATH Intl. Centers Offer Hope and Healing to Stroke Survivors
May - Coming Through a Different Gait: By Partnering With Equines, PATH Intl. Produces Change
May - PATH Intl. Announces Keynote Luncheon Speaker
June - PATH Intl. Wins Equine Industry Vision Award 
June - PATH Intl. Continues to Promote Excellence in the EAAT Industry
July - Registration Open for PATH Intl. Conference
July - PATH Intl. Announces Regional Award Winners
August - PATH Intl. Launches Online Auction
August - Marines Make a Difference for PATH International Equine Services for Heroes
September - PATH Intl. Partners With American Morgan Horse Association
September - PATH Intl. Partners With ACTHA
October - APHF Scholarship Program for PATH Intl. Riding Instructors Enters Second Year
October - PATH Intl. Announces Conference Sponsors
November - PATH Intl. Announces James Brady Professional Achievement Recipient
November - International Award Winners Announced at PATH Intl. Banquet
December - PATH Intl. Introduces New President
December - PATH Intl. Launches YouTube Channel

2012 Press Releases

January 2012 - Unforgettable Experience at Record-Breaking 2011 PATH Intl. Conference
January 2012 - PATH Intl. Scholarships Funded by Build-A-Bear Workshop Foundation for Children in Need
February 2012 - 2012 PATH Intl. Conference Call for Papers
February 2012 - Visit the PATH Intl. Booth at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo
March 2012 - PATH Intl. Initiative for Veterans and Service Personnel Receives New Name
March 2012 - PATH Intl. Proudly Announces Nationwide Partnership With Wounded Warrior Project
April 2012 - PATH Intl. Partners With CenturyLink to Fund Scholarships for Children With Autism
April 2012 - PATH Intl. Centers Mount Up for Summer Activities
May 2012 - EQUUS Foundation to Sponsor Prestigious PATH Intl. James Brady Award
May 2012 - PATH Intl. Proudly Announces Four New Sponsors in 2012: Ariat International, Bayer Animal Health, Bimeda-Equimax and Tekna Saddlery
June 2012 - Fish to Fly at PATH Intl. Conference
July 2012 - PATH Intl. Announces 2012 Award Winners
July 2012 - PATH Intl. Announces Purina as Title Sponsor of Conference in Washington
August 2012 - A Lesson in Anatomy at the PATH Intl. Horse Expo in Washington
August 2012 - PATH Intl. Attests to the Benefits of Therapeutic Horsemanship
September 2012 - PATH Intl. Announces Conference Scholarship Winners
September 2012 - PATH Intl. Announces Conference Sponsors
October 2012 - PATH Intl. Agrees With Ann Romney: It’s Extraordinary What Horses Do for Us
October 2012 - PATH Intl. Participates in Colorado Gives Day
November 2012 - Sandy Webster Named PATH Intl. James Brady Professional Achievement Award Winner
November 2012 - 2012 International Equestrian Award Winners Announced by PATH Intl.
December 2012 - PATH Intl. and American Paint Horse Foundation Forge Partnership to Benefit Potential Instructors
December 2012 - PATH Intl. and Colorado Gives Day – Give Where You Live

2011 PATH Intl Press Releases

January - Become a NARHA Certified Instructor
January - Look for the National Conference Call for Papers
February - 2011 NARHA National Conference Call for Papers
February - NARHA Launches New Membership for Higher Education
March - Ritchie Industries to Auction Clinton Anderson Autographed Shirts to Benefit NARHA
March - NARHA Hires New Sponsorship/Development Manager
April - NARHA Seeking Award Nominations
April - NARHA Centers Mount Up for Summer
May - Purina Mills to Provide Travel Scholarships for NARHA Conference Banquet
May - Phil Tedeschi to Speak at Conference
June - PATH International Is NARHA's New Name
July - Organization Truly Shows International Influence
July - Purina Presents International Conference in Kentucky
August - Veterans Affairs Director to Speak at PATH International Conference
August - PATH Intl. Announces 2011 Award Winners
September - PATH Intl. Announces 2011 Conference Scholarship Winners
October - Disabilities Panel to Present at PATH Intl. Conference
October - Sponsors of the 2011 PATH Intl. Conference and Annual Meeting
November - PATH Intl. Announces 2011 National Award Winners
November - PATH Intl. Elects New Board Members
December - PATH Intl. Welcomes New Board President
December - Give the Gift of PATH Intl.

2010 PATH Intl. Press Releases

December - NARHA Announces New Certification
December - Give the Gift of NARHA
November - NARHA Announces National Equestrian Winners at Conference
November - NARHA Announces New Board Members
October - NARHA at World Equestrian Games
October - Breyer Donates to NARHA
September - NARHA Announces 2010 Region Award Winners
September - NARHA National Conference Premier Event in EAAT
August - Bubba Gilliam Luncheon Speaker at NARHA Conference
August - Purina Presents the 2010 NARHA National Conference
July - NARHA Launches Redesigned Website
July - NARHA Selects DonorPro for Fundraising Software
June - NARHA Announces Next CEO
May - Klein to Speak on Fundraising at NARHA Conference
April - Goodnight to Speak at National Conference
April - NARHA Now on Facebook  
March - NARHA Looks for Sponsors
March - NARHA Makes National News
February - NARHA Premier Accredited Centers Proved Their Mettle
February - NARHA National Conference Call for Presenter Abstracts

2009 PATH Intl. Press Releases

December - NARHA Announces Purina Mills Sponsorship
December - National Award Winners Announced by NARHA
October - NARHA National Conference Scholarships Announced
October - Learn to Compete Successfully for Foundation Grants
September - Integration of NARHA and EFMHA
September - Regional Award Winners Announced by NARHA
August - NARHA Offers Funders' Forum at 2009 National Conference in Fort Worth
July - Learn the Basics of a Successful Equine Program for People with Challenges
July - Healing from Trauma with the Help of Horses
June - Silent Auction Shout Out
June - Register Online for the NARHA National Conference in Fort Worth
June - NARHA has selected the historic Cowtown Coliseum as Horse Expo Venue
May - Exhibit and Vendor Space Still Available at National Conference, but Going Quickly
April - Scholarships for 2009 NARHA National Conference and Annual Meeting
April - NARHA National and Regional Award Nominations in Progress
March - NARHA Region Conferences offer Educational and Networking Opportunities
March - NARHA Turns 40



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