Future Trends

Future Trends

One of the greatest changes to happen at PATH Intl. is the integration of PATH Intl. and EFMHA, the Equine-Facilitated Mental Health Association, which was founded in 1996 as a section of PATH Intl. to specifically address the mental health aspects of EAAT (such as equine-facilitated learning). EFMHA has flourished in the past 13 years and played a crucial role in illustrating the importance of equine-assisted therapy to the mental health field, and vice-versa, while working alongside PATH Intl. However, it has become increasingly apparent that the work of both PATH Intl. and EFMHA are more closely intertwined than ever, so the two entities are beginning the exciting process of joining forces in the field of EAAT to create a more holistic and effective approach to equine-based therapy.

On November 4, 2010, the presidents of the PATH Intl. Board of Trustees and the EFMHA Board of Directors signed a proclamation fully integrating EFMHA into the association. For questions about the PATH Intl./EFMHA integration, please read the Frequently Asked Questions document. Also view the volunteer organizational chart to see EFMHA integration and representation on PATH Intl.'s various committees.

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